Why Sophie Cachia left her ‘perfect life’ to explore her attraction to women

Sophie is set to compete alongside her sister on Survivor: Blood V Water.
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Social media influencer Sophie Cachia made a name for herself as The Young Mummy, where she shared the warts-and-all experience of being a married mother of two young children.

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However, in 2019, the mummy blogger shocked her followers with the news that she and AFL star Jaryd Cachia had split after four years of marriage and two children.

At the time of the pair’s split, Sophie penned a statement to Instagram that read, “Separation more often than not comes with the assumption of animosity or hatred.

Sophie and her ex-husband remain friends. (Credit: Instagram)

“Whilst it hasn’t always been easy navigating through co-parenting under the same roof this year [which has included family holidays, continual support of personal careers & no changes to our social setting], we truly appreciate how lucky we are to have each other.

“Unfortunately we could no longer agree on which setting to have the toaster on, who left the sock drawer open and if you really put butter before peanut butter.

“But really… we aim to continue to create our very own version of happiness together as a family and to bring our children up with the inspiration to continually do what makes you happy and live your life how you want to live it.

“We are merely a case of two kids who fell in love hard early and are now two adults who love and respect each other enough to part ways amicably.

Sophie shares two children with her ex-husband. (Credit: Instagram)

“We have always had – and still do daily – operate as one mind, and that’s why there’s been so much understanding with such a sensitive topic.”

Shortly after the news, Since their split, Sophie spoke to Shameless podcast about how she felt the need to explore her sexuality, saying it was part of her “self-discovery period”.

“I’ve been asked a lot lately if I’m gay and for me, it’s that self-discovery period that I am going through,” she told hosts, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald.

“Am I sitting here and saying I’m a lesbian? No, I’m not. Am I saying I’m not a lesbian? No. I haven’t been able to speak about it because I haven’t known what’s going on – we talk about people being entitled on Instagram – a lot of people, because they have been open to so much of my life, they want an answer, and it’s like, guys, I can’t give you a f**king answer when I don’t know what the answer is right now.”

Sophie is now dating Maddie Garrick. (Credit: Instagram)

She also revealed on Mamamia’s No Filter that she had begun questioning her sexuality and identity after the birth of her second child, admitting she had felt attracted to another woman in the weeks after giving birth.

“I had a beautiful man in my life, I still do. He’s an incredible father and an incredible friend to me but why can’t women seek more?” Sophie said.

“That married life I realised wasn’t what I wanted. And it wasn’t that I realised ‘oh I like women now, I’m going to leave my marriage’, it wasn’t that. I realised I wanted more.”

In March 2020, Sophie announced she had found love again with Matildas soccer player Alanna Kennedy – though the pair would call it quits shortly after.

Sophie found herself attracted to women after the birth of her second child. (Credit: Instagram)

“She was overseas for the first five to six months. We didn’t dive straight into a relationship but we definitely connected straight away,” she said of the soccer star.

“In a way, [Kennedy] changed my life in the sense that… obviously I dated women and men, but she made me realise I can actually see myself in a relationship with a woman long term and I can see myself having a life there.”

Sophie is now dating WNBL star Maddie Garrick, with the pair spotted looking happy and loved-up as they took selfies together at Pride Day at the Australian Open on Monday.

After navigating her new life following the dissolution of her marriage, Sophie is now set to take on another challenge as she competes alongside sister Kate – also known as KJ – on Survivor: Blood V Water.

WATCH: Australian Survivor 2022

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“I know how well-prepared KJ is so I’ll be going to her for advice, strategy, gameplay, what I would do in a certain situation,” she said of her game plan for the hugely popular reality show.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water begins Monday, 31 January at 7.30 pm On 10 And 10 Play On Demand.

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