MAFS’s Amanda tells Tash: “We should’ve had sex by now”

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The Tash-Amanda Married At First Sight drama just keeps coming!

 WATCH: Tash tells Amanda some harsh truths!

It’s been a bumpy ride for MAFS‘ first-ever lesbian couple, Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef. Their wedding was one of the most loved-up we’ve ever seen; but it was a very different story on their Daydream Island honeymoon.

MAFS Amanda Tash
(Credit: Channel 9)

Things have been frosty ever since – and at the season’s first commitment ceremony, the pair faced their issues head-on, with Amanda sharing that she hoped they would’ve been intimate by now.

In fact, before their honeymoon soured, the strength coach said it would only be a matter of time before Tash was “Amandasexual”.

But Tash hasn’t been as interested in sleeping  together – causing Amanda a lot of angst, it seems.

MAFS Amanda
(Credit: Channel 9)

Tash told the experts they were “trying to build a friendship, to establish that first”; but after turning to confirm it with Amanda, the 34-year-old didn’t seem happy.

“You seem to be calling the shots at the moment,” she shot back.

When the experts asked her why she felt that way, Amanda explained:

“Because if it were up to me, we probably would’ve slept together by now. So if she was willing to be vulnerable with me in the first week, I would’ve gone for it.”

MAFS Amanda Tash
(Credit: Channel 9)

Clearly, this couple are not on the same page.

If we needed more proof of this, their vastly different takes on the dinner party are enough. During the party, Tash barely spoke to Amanda, which angered her. But Tash’s take the next day was that the situation has been ideal

“The dinner party… made me feel more bonded,” she revealed.

“We were able to let each other go off and socialise and I felt really comfortable and really respected and it just made me feel differently.”

(Credit: Channel 9)

As for Amanda? She just wants Tash to open up.

“I just want more of an equal exchange between us,” she told her wife. “Keep the honesty up coz it’s great. I don’t expect anything less. if it hurts, it hurts; that’s a relationship. Just meet me halfway with a lot of things.

“And don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, that’s what we’re here for.”

Unfortunately, we already know it doesn’t end up working out for these two.

Earlier in the month, Tash was pictured locking lips on the beach with a blonde woman named Madison Hewitt, who is apparently the bartender’s new girlfriend.

The steamy snaps showed the loved-up pair embracing each other in the ocean, with the reality TV star  later seen enjoying a steamy romp with her new squeeze while sun-baking at the beach.

MAFS Tash Amanda
(Credit: Channel 9)

Just days later, the raven-haired beauty was spotted packing on the PDA with her girlfriend Madison Hewitt.

In photos obtained by Daily Mail Australia, Tash couldn’t keep her hands off her bae, rubbing her legs under the table while passionately kissing her during a cute cafe lunch date. 

While Tash is yet to comment on their budding romance, an insider tells WHO she’s known Madison — a woman who’s survived prison, drug addiction and life as a sex worker — for more than five years.

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