MAFS bride Tash’s ‘seductive’ dinner party behaviour

"I'm not jealous... I'm annoyed"
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Married At First Sight brides Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef could not have seemed more loved up on their wedding day.

WATCH MAFS couple Tash and Amanda are at each other’s throats…

But by the honeymoon, the romance was in tatters – and it didn’t get any better at the year’s first dinner party, when Tash flirted with the other girls in the experiment.

As you can imagine, Amanda was understandably unimpressed.

After the couple walked in holding hands, bartender Tash steered clear of Amanda’s side all night.

MAFS Amanda Tash
(Credit: Channel 9)

“I knew that Tash was going to come in have a few drinks and be flirty,” the strength coach said, after her wife sat on fellow participant Hayley Vernon’s lap, following very close chats with Connie Crayden and Natasha Spencer.

“I know that’s what Tash is about. That’s the reality of the situation,” Amanda continued.

“I wouldn’t date someone that is sucking down wines, sitting on every Tom, Dick and Harry; it’s just not the sort of woman I’d date.”

“I didn’t choose Tash, at the end of the day. She was chosen for me.”

MAFS Amanda Tash
(Credit: Channel 9)
MAFS Amanda Tash
(Credit: Channel 9)

Speaking of the MAFS experts, they had a few things to say about Tash’s behaviour, too.

“Her style of communication is very seductive,” commented John Aiken as he, Mel Schilling and Dr Trisha Stratford watched the gathering on a screen from another room.

“We can see Amanda getting a little tired of this behaviour,” added Mel.

“She’s put on such a brave front throughout the night.

“She must be feeling a level of rejection because Tash is not showing her this level of affection and flirtation, but she’s sharing it with all these other people around the table.”

MAFS Amanda Tash
(Credit: Channel 9)

But Amanda said that green-eyed monster was not to blame in this situation.

“If you’re asking if I’m jealous, no, I’m not, I’m not jealous.

“I’m annoyed.”

It things won’t turn around for this couple, either, after Tash was spotted locking lips with a blonde on the beach recently.

Days later, the bartender seemingly took a not-so-subtle swipe at Amanda on Instagram.

“Is there anything more frustrating and painful than when your true feelings aren’t aligned with how you WISH you did feel and you know you’re going to have to hurt someone by telling the truth,” she captioned a photo of herself, hinting she was the one who ended things.

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