Your favourite Easter egg is now available in two new frozen treats

Creme egg fans, the hunt is on!
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Cadbury has launched an ooey, gooey new sweet treat in collaboration with iconic Aussie brand Peters.

WATCH NOW: Behind the scenes at the Cadbury easter egg factory. Article continues after video.

Whilst Easter is still a few months away, dessert fans across the country will undoubtedly be thrilled to try the Creme Egg flavoured ice cream tub the businesses have cooked up together.

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If your mouth isn’t watering yet, the dessert is generously loaded with Cadbury milk chocolate pieces that are swirled through vanilla with a delectably delicious Creme Egg core. 

It’s safe to say creme egg lovers are thrilled about the news. (Credit: Supplied)

But that’s not all!

The dessert brands have also announced the return of the widely beloved Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate-Coated Sticks, perfect for those looking to indulge when the urge arises, without worrying about accidentally eating the whole tub.

Which one will you be trying first? (Credit: Supplied)

In an official press release announcing the two new products, Andrea Hamori from Peters Ice Cream said that the frozen duo was the ultimate sweet treat this summer. 

“We know Aussies are obsessed with Creme Egg when it returns to the supermarket every year, and you can blame them,” the Head of Marketing said. 

“The sweet gooeyness that only a Creme Egg can deliver is irresistible to Aussies looking for a fun Easter snack. Knowing the scale of their popularity makes releasing this Creme Egg frozen duo in the lead-up to Easter that much sweeter.”

If you’d like to try either the ice-cream tub ($12 for 460g) or dessert sticks ($9.50 for a packet of four) for yourself, both are available for a limited time only at Coles nationwide.

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