Are these TikTok viral products really worth it? We investigate.

$31 for a glorified lip balm? Surely not...

If there’s anything that really *popped off* last year, it’s us consulting the experts in the home, beauty, lifestyle space for product recommendations that have ultimately changed our lives (not to be dramatic)…

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Who are these experts you ask? It’s TikTok – the collective. And, before you start rolling your eyes, hear us out. It’s been widely known that word-of-mouth is probably the best and most efficient marketing technique. We can be served countless ads online or mindlessly read the same billboard next to the highway after work, however, nothing really beats the simplicity of an “I tried this, it’s really good” from a trusted friend.

Similar discourse is found on incredibly niche and tailored For You Pages (FYP for short) on the vertical video phenomenon – TikTok. TikTok has come a long way from its synchronised dances to catchy tunes days. If you’ve ‘trained’ your FYP well enough, the algorithm is scarily good that it seamlessly fills your page with videos that are of the most importance and relevance to you.

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From, well, the aforementioned synchronised dances to book recommendations, relationship advice, storytimes, day-in-the-lifes, and product reviews ranging from beauty to home and lifestyle. The possibilities of content on the platform are endless – and, when someone (literally, anyone) on TikTok starts talking about a product they’ve been loving…it’s almost synonymous with the said product being sold out.

However, with product recommendations being thrown at us, left, right, and center on this app – how do we know if *that* viral Shiseido eyelash curler is really worth it? Or, is that Laneige lip mask that Anna Paul *loves* really worth $31? 

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research for you. Below are our top picks of the *best* TikTok viral beauty and lifestyle products that are actually worth the hype. You’re welcome. 


Shiseido eyelash curler, $58.42 at Amazon

If you have incredibly straight and stubborn lashes then this eyelash curler by Shiseido is worth all the hype. Designed with a slightly shallower curve to ensure every last lash is curled – we’re looking at you, corner lashes – you’ll be walking around with lashlift-esque lashes all day (and night) long.



Laneige lip sleeping mask in berry, $31 at Adore Beauty

We hate to break it to you – this $31 glorified lip balm is actually worth it. If you want soft supple lips (who doesn’t), this lip sleeping mask needs to be added to your nighttime routine – stat. 



Round mini shoulder bag in beige, $19.90 at Uniqlo

For under $20, why wouldn’t you? This shoulder bag is simple in its design, but you can fit your entire life in it without it looking bulky – we’re not exaggerating. You can fit a small water bottle, a book, sunnies, your wallet and keys, and you’ll still have space leftover. It comes in a wide range of colourways, from classic black to a bright orange, to suit your taste.



Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $41 at THE ICONIC

A mix between a lipstick, a lip balm and a lip gloss – Clinique’s cult-favourite Almost Lipstick range is so popular for a reason. The Black Honey shade is a transparent pigment that glides on sheer to give the lips a sleek and moist finish. This hue adapts to your skin tone so you have the perfect shade, every time.


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Ray-Bans Lady Burbank sunglasses in black, $222 at Myer

Seen on the likes of Hailey Bieber, these stylish frames have been popping up all over TikTok. Featuring a cat-eye frame known to suit most face shapes, this may well be the universal pair for summer.



La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, $35.95 at Adore Beauty

If you’re on the side of TikTok where we’re all skincare-obsessed (guilty), then La Roche Posay is a brand that truly needs no introduction. Changing the game in high quality skincare (without breaking the bank), our recent obsession is the Effaclar Duo corrective moisturiser. All you need is a few dots – add it to your day and nighttime skincare routine, and watch your skin clear up within a week.



Sony WH 1000XM5 noise-cancelling headphones in white, $549, The Good Guys

For all your hot girl walks (hgw, for short), a high quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a must. This model by Sony is highly rated and looks incredibly chic on-ear (important). Wear them on your next walk, gym session, or when you just need to get work done.



Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump, $40 at Sephora

If you’ve used countless lip plumpers and absolutely *despise* the tingly feeling, we hear you. And, so does Tarte. The brand’s Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump is an all-in-one plumping balm, gloss, and colour treatment that is tingle-free – making your lips hydrated and kissable…



Aura jacket in white, $80 at Elite Eleven

If you’ve been eyeing the iconic Lulumeon Define jacket for a while, but just can’t justify its hefty price tag…the Aura jacket by Elite Eleven is an amazing dupe for a fraction of the price. 



Huda Beauty Easy Bake setting power, $52 at Sephora

Shine, be gone. This setting powder is perfect for setting makeup at the end of your routine, or to bring with you for touch-ups throughout the day. 



Revlon face volcanic roller, $11.97 (usually $19.95) at Myer

Staying in theme of shine-contol…this Revlon face roller made our jaws drop. With a simple swipe across the face and t-zone, all the shine and sweat accumulated throughout the day – eliminated. Plus, the volcanic stone can be popped out to be washed making it easy to maintain and reuse over and over again.



Limited-edition Dyson AirWrap, $899 at THE ICONIC

Does the Dyson AirWrap need an introduction? The answer’s no. We have two words: bouncy curls. 



Picasso stainless steel makeup spatula, $26.45 at Amazon

If you’re not on the side of TikTok where we explore Korean makeup…then this *may* be a bit confusing. Let us explain: Korean makeup artists have been using this makeup tool – a stainless steel spatula – to apply foundation. With this tool, it gives the thinnest and most even application of the product so you’re never left feeling cakey. This means, you’ll waste less product *and* get a better, more natural result. How good?



Womens pleated wide pants in black, $59.90 at Uniqlo

Uniqlo is known for creating timeless yet high-quality basics. These pleated pants will be your new go-to office staple this year. Or, dress it down with a pair of white sneakers for a relaxed model-off-duty look. 



Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless setting spray, $49 at Charlotte Tilbury

Ensure your makeup lasts all day and all night with a high-quality setting spray. This one by Charlotte Tilbury sets your makeup for up to 16 hours and is one of the best in the makeup game. 



Triangle powder puff (set of 2), $12 at Glam Raider Beauty

Minimise unwanted shine and create an airbrushed finish with your new favourite beauty tool. Great for under the eyes and the T-zone.



Embryolisse active night peel, $46, French Beauty Co

An overnight sensation – this active night peel by Embryolisse has been flooding our feeds. With 95 per cent natural origin ingredients, it is gentle (but effective) enough for those with sensitive skin. So, if you’re after that ‘new skin’ glow, consider your search over.


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