Get wrapped in adventure with these snuggly superhero Oodies

Stay warm while you save the day.
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Whether you’re seeking comfort, a touch of adventure, or the ability to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter, superhero Oodies are the way to go.

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Akin to a superhero donning their trusted cape, wrapping yourself in a fluffy embrace empowers you to become a real-life superhero against the villainous chill.

It’s also a great companion for your next Marvel movie marathon, where you can stay on theme and at the right temperature during those cooler nights.

If you’re ready to embrace the cosy superhero within, then read on for our top picks of the best superhero-themed Oodies to shop now in Australia.

The best superhero Oodies in Australia

Avengers Oodie

Avengers Oodie, $104 at The Oodie

Covered in everyone’s favourite Marvel characters, the official Avengers Oodie is a must-have for all Marvel and superhero fans.


spider man oodie

Spider-Man Oodie, $104 at The Oodie

Featuring the neighbourhood Spider-Man in all his glory, snuggle into the cloud-like softness and toasty warmth of the Spider-Man Oodie.


marvel comfy

Marvel Avengers Blue Comfy, $44.99 at Amazon

From lounging at home to sleepovers to watching your favourite superhero film, The Comfy Original Jr is perfect for every occasion.


spider man comfy

Marvel Spider-Man Comfy, $44.99 at Amazon

It’s the top gift on the wishlist for kids everywhere for a reason, so why not surprise your Spider-Man-loving child, grandchild, niece or nephew for their birthday with The Comfy.



WONDER WOMAN Oodie, $104 at The Oodie

Wind down and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie after a long day of saving the world in the Wonder Woman Oodie, so you can bring evil to justice and stay warm and cosy.


Snugget Kids Oversized Hoodie

Snugget Kids Oversized Hoodie, $49.99 at Cotton On

This Snugget was made for cosy couch days. The oversized hoodie is extra soft, seriously warm, and in designs featuring all your kid’s fave colours and characters.



BATMAN Oodie, $104 at The Oodie

Get ready to fight for justice in total bliss with the Batman Oodie. It’ll keep you cosy and give you the super comfort every superhero needs – no matter what the villains of Gotham City decide to throw at you.


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