Nicole Kidman tells Keith Urban to stop doing this one thing

The actress puts her foot down!
Image: Getty.

Nicole Kidman has declared enough is enough and has demanded that husband Keith Urban stop risking his health (not to mention his looks) by spending hours sun bathing.

Nicole, 51, has a fair complexion and burns quickly when outdoors. Accordingly, she has always been diligent with wearing high level sunscreen whenever she was exposed to the sun.

Keith, also 51, has olive skin and loves nothing more than to lay back and catch as few rays.

But that’s about to end, with Nicole, an ambassador for the skincare brand Neutrogena, declaring she is putting her foot down.

“I wouldn’t have paid any attention to the [sunscreen] messaging if I had had olive skin,” the 51-year-old revealed at a function for Neutrogena. “But because I was so fair, I would burn within 15 minutes and my holiday would be over… I’m also pale and I want to stay pale.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Sun safe Nicole plans to make Keith follow in her SPF footsteps. (Image: Getty.)

“But I have a husband who wants to tan,” she revealed. Nicole went on to ask one of the dermatologists at the event if it was safe for Keith to do so if he applied a sunscreen with a lower level of SPF.

The answer was firm and fast. No. The only safe tan is a fake tan, said the skincare specialist, who recommended Keith rethink his sun protection routine and ASAP.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Glamorous couple – Nicole and Keith, both showing off perfect skin. (Image: Getty.)

Nicole responded by saying she would ensure Keith did not lay out in the sun in future.

“I will now be really, really adamant with my husband that he can’t tan and use a lesser sunscreen – that’s what he thought you could do and I think a lot of people think that,” she said.

“I’m always wanting to learn. There is a lot of fallacy out there … I care a lot about my skin and my children’s skin and the health of my family.”

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