Lindsay Lohan just shared the sweetest pic imaginable

And her fans are loving it!
Image: Getty.

Controversial starlet Lindsay Lohan has shared a make-up free selfie to her Instagram account and she looks just like she did when she was a fresh-faced Disney star.

Lindsay, who shot to fame in the flicks Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, was once a sweet-looking, freckled redhead who charmed audiences with her innocent nature and natural grin.

But the childlike sweetness was not to last and by her late teens, Lindsay was in and out of rehab and involved in several court cases.

Lindsay Lohan
Back in 1998 – Lindsay at the premiere of Parent Trap. (Image: Getty.)

Her fans always hoped she’d find her way back and the snap looks like a solid indication that Lindsay is on her way.

The star’s skin is golden, her sweet freckles there for all the world to see. Her usually heavily-made up features are bare and that incredibly impish grin is back too.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay, early 20s and running into trouble – lots of it. (Image: Getty.)

Lindsay, now 32, shared the sunny shot from the deck of a boat which was basked in sunshine. In recent days she has also posted pics of herself recording music in a sound studio so she is clearly back to work and feeling good about it too.

While she is best-known for her acting and her controversial personal life, Lindsay is a successful recording artist also. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what comes next, but whatever it is, we’re happy to see that Lindsay is looking so healthy, fresh and happy.

Scroll down to see the heart-warming image for yourself.

Lindsay Lohan
Fresh-faced and lovely – yes, it’s Lindsay. (Image: Instagram/@Lindsaylohan)

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