How to get the most out of your beauty products

Just a hint, it involves your fridge!

We always wonder how effective our beauty products really are but according to experts, if you don’t keep certain beauty products in the fridge, they could prove to be completely ineffective.

Here is a list of those you should keep refrigerated so they last longer:

Eye cream, Moisturisers and Gels

For eye products, the coolness will help to eliminate or reduce any puffiness around the eye area. The cooler temperatures also constrict blood vessels which will in turn, reduce swelling.

For people who have red or blotchy skin, both day and night face moisturisers should be chilled as it calms the skin as soon as it touches the face. For some products, such as gel-type moisturisers, its only necessary to cool them in Summer when the air temperature is warmer. In winter, when the air is somewhat cooler, refrigerating them is not necessary. 

SPF and Sun Protection

For sun products its simple and probably the most important.

Being in a warm environment for long periods of time will make the product less effective and will not offer its full protection against the sun. Keep these cool all year round, even in winter.


Perfumes are made up of many ingredients, some of which can go bad over time. Exposing these ingredients to high temperatures will cause those ingredients to go bad sooner than if they were kept cooled. Storing them in the fridge can slow down the chemical reactions and keep the perfume smelling fresh. 


We all have a favourite lippy so we want to make sure we use every last bit of it before being forced to move on to a new one.  Over time, heat causes the lipstick to break down and melt. Although this won’t stop you from being able to use it, it can cause the lipstick to lose its shape and make application a little bit more difficult.

Vitamin C

All products containing Vitamin C should be kept cool to prevent the vitamins from breaking down or oxygenising, potentially changing the formula.

It is very important to protect the purity and efficiency of the active ingredients in the products once it’s opened.

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