Best-ever face masks

Plus the one that celebrities adore!
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Face masks sell like hot cakes in Australia and it’s easy to see why. They’re quick and easy to use, if you choose carefully they’re inexpensive and they pack a powerful punch in terms of improving your skin.

Not only that, but as the world’s hottest celebrities know only too well, they make for cute pics you can share to your social media and garner many, many likes.

Okay – so that last point is a bit superficial, but hey, those things matter to some people. And we’re cool with that. Anyway, back to why skincare masks are so very awesome and also, which ones we’re loving right now.

Firstly, the reason why a mask is such an integral part of anyone’s skincare routine or at the very least, should be …

That reason is this – masks are intensely soaked in (if they’re of the sheet variety) or made up of (the smooth on type) high levels of active ingredients – the kind that actually create a change in skin as opposed to just sit on top of it. Think vitamins A, C or niacinamide for example -all proven anti-agers.

Others are based on ingredients such as charcoal (which draws out dirt and grime) or hyaluronic acid (which provides deep moisture). Bottom-line, masks are designed to achieve a specific result and fast.

Given that, there are masks that can ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, smooth and soften. There are also masks that soothe redness and fight breakouts snd they can do all that in just 10 to 15 minutes too.

The secondary benefit (and it’s a big one), masks force you to take a moment to do nothing. That’s right. NOTHING. And frankly, this is every bit as beneficial for your skin (and wellbeing) as the mask itself. As for those ones we love the most right now, let’s start with A’kin’s brand new sheet mask the Australian Tea Tree Oil Detoxifying Mask, $7.95.

This sheet mask contains a blend of tea tree oil and green tea which combined work to keep skin clear and blemish free, protects against environmental toxins and controls excess oil production. Perfect for problematic oily skins.

A'Kin mask
(Image: Supplied.)

Next on our current favourite list, Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Rescue Mask, $83.

This high-tech mask reduces visible redness instantly, plus transforms a dry, irritated complexion over time by soothing and also, building a strong and healthy protective barrier. With moisture-attracting glycerin, this calming green face mask helps skin feel softer immediately and like we said, when used regularly it also soothes tight, sore skin making it more comfortable over time. Plus, calamine calms skin and neutralises irritants to help relieve stressed skin. We love!

Rodan + Fields Rescue
(Image: Supplied.)

For those who like their masks to work overnight then you can’t go past the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Lavender, $40. This sweet-smelling and super soft gel-like mask goes on easy and absorbs quickly too so no need to worry about your pillow cases and linen.

It genuinely locks in moisture and adds vital vitamins and minerals. The relaxing scent means a fantastic night’s sleep, plus you can rest easy  knowing that your skin is receiving a seriously refreshing reset. Wake up glowing, youthful and good to go.

Laneige mask
(Image: Supplied.)

Now those are our favourites, but if you are at all interested in which masks the world’s most famous women are into right now then read on. Drew Barrymore loves a charcoal-based mask it seems.

This style of mask is excellent for clearing out pores and removing any grime. The girls of Victoria’s Secret are all about gold flake masks which give skin an exquisite glow. This Is Us star Mandy Moore has admitted to a sheet-mask addiction – this style of mask boosts moisture and fights flaws too.

Us? We are all about any skincare mask that requires us to take a five to 10 minutes breather – because we reckon that mini break is as beneficial as the mask itself. We recommend you find a mask that suits your skin issues (if you have any) and you pop it on ASAP. Then, take a sweet, deep breath and rest. Because there’s no doubt you deserve it.

Drew Barrymore
Wear a mask, share it on social media! Drew Barrymore does! (Image: Instagram/@Drewbarrymore)

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