5 House Plants You Won’t Kill

Can’t keep anything alive? Then give these fuss-free indoor plants a try

Are you a botany serial killer? We’ve all been guilty of this at one point, but it may be your selection of plant that’s the root of the problem. Just like humans, plants require different living conditions to thrive and prosper. If you’re willing to forge ahead, try one of these hardy indoor varieties – they may just do the trick!

1. Aloe vera.

Perfect for a sunny kitchen windowsill. The soothing gel inside the leaves can be applied to cuts and burns.

(Credit: Getty Images)

2. Cast iron plant.

This hardy plant is as strong as its name implies! It can withstand neglect and does well in low light.

(Credit: Getty Images)

3. Jade plant.

This beautiful succulent prefers full sunlight and doesn’t need to be watered regularly.

(Credit: Getty Images)

4. Heartleaf philodendron.

Perch it on a bookshelf or windowsill and let the vines trail down. It does well in a range of light conditions.

(Credit: Getty Images)

5. Areca palm.

Great for beach-themed houses. Position this hardy plant in indirect light and only water it once a fortnight.

(Credit: Getty Images)

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