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Make the most of a chilly night with these outdoor fire pits

Create the perfect atmosphere in your own backyard.

When you think of a cold winter night, you may immediately picture cosying up next to the fire with a warm cup of cocoa in one hand and some toasted marshmallows in the other.

It’s a scene that has a permanent place in our minds for the very reason that it is the epitome of comfort and warmth.

Thankfully, it’s something that can easily be replicated at home with the right equipment – namely a fire pit.

Serving as a functional statement piece for your backyard, an outdoor fire pit will completely transform the way you entertain friends and family at home.

So, as we move into the colder seasons, here’s where you can shop the best outdoor fire pits in Australia.

5 best outdoor fire pits to shop in Australia 2024

Grillz Firepit


Grillz outdoor portable fire pit

$109.95 at Amazon

Durably crafted, this fire pit burner can be used again and again for years and looks stylish even by day when there’s no fire burning inside. It’s also extremely lightweight and portable so you can move it around the garden, or even take with you glamping.

Material: alloy steel

Key features:

  • Painted finish
  • 70cm deep dish bowl and stand
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Free delivery to select areas

Also available at:

Eva Solo Fireglobe Fire Pit


Eva Solo Fireglobe fire pit

$1200 at Hardtofind

With its sculptural shape, you can move this fireplace anywhere you’d like using its integrated handles. It also creates a wonderfully cosy atmosphere and provides ample warmth, so you can stay outdoors all night.

Material: enamelled steel, stainless steel

Key features:

  • The shape creates a windshied
  • Use handle to lift and move
  • Integrated grid ensures good ventilation
  • Two-year warranty
Gobi Rustic Fire Pit


Milkcan Gobi rustic fire pit

from $299 at Temple & Webster

Transform your backyard into a haven of warmth and ambiance with the Gobi rustic fire pit. Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Gobi Desert, this stylish fire pit seamlessly blends form and function.

It has over 140 five-star reviews on Temple & Webster, with one person writing: “A great and unique outdoor fire pit. This version has real character. The extra metal ring or collar around the top and the large rings on the sides certainly make it stand out. The rings are also practical for carrying purposes, as it is not light. It is big and the bowl is deeper than many others available. This will be a great feature in our courtyard/ BBQ area, and will be well used.”

Sizes: 31 x 91 x 91cm, 26 x 71 x 71cm and 28 x 81 x 81cm

Material: mild steel

Key features:

  • Includes one fire bowl and one base
  • Constructed with weathering steel, the rust will continue to weather leaving a beautiful rust finish
  • Provides ambience and warmth in the cooler months
  • Also works as a stylish water feature or bird bath, or fill with ice and add drinks
Fireside Portable Popup Fire Pit


Fireside portable popup fire pit

$159.99 at BCF

This fire pit redefines portability, packing down smaller than a camp chair and weighing a mere 3.6kg. Yet, when unfolded, it transforms into a surprisingly large 60x60cm fire pit, perfect for keeping your whole party warm.

“Bought this for our Easter Getaway and was SUPER impressed,” said a reviewer who left five stars. “Light-weight unlike a lot of the other pits on the market and super easy set-up and clean-up. No mess on the ground afterwards and was pretty sturdy for the amount of wood we used.”

Key features:

  • Over 360 five-star reviews on BCF
  • Innovative design cuts the bulk and weight of traditional fire pits
  • Engineered to allow for maximum airflow meaning your fires burn brighter with up to 80 per cent less smoke
  • Packable frame and sides fold into a carrying case that’s smaller than a camping chair
  • Ideal for caravans, camping and the backyard
Moyasu Fire Pit BBQ Grill Fireplace Outdoor Portable Camping Heater Patio Garden


Moyasu fire pit BBQ grill fireplace outdoor portable camping heater

$149.95 at Big W

This versatile portable fire pit creates a captivating atmosphere for cool evenings, whether you’re enjoying a romantic night under the stars, connecting with friends and family, or simply unwinding solo.

Material: steel

Key features:

  • Safety mesh cover
  • Steady steel construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wood or charcoal applicable
  • Portable design

Also available at:

What type of fire pit gives off the most heat?

Wood-burning fire pits generally produce the most heat. While factors like wood type and fire pit design can influence heat output, wood burns hotter than other common fire pit fuels like charcoal or propane. Additionally, wood fires can be easily adjusted by adding more logs for extra warmth.

Is an outdoor fire pit worth it?

Whether an outdoor fire pit is worth it depends on your priorities and lifestyle. They offer undeniable ambiance and warmth for cool evenings, perfect for gatherings or quiet relaxation. However, consider factors like regulations (permits might be needed), maintenance (cleaning ashes) and smoke.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and prioritise creating a cosy atmosphere, a fire pit could definitely be a worthwhile addition. Just be sure to check local regulations and choose a model that suits your needs.

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