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8 Top-Rated Interior Designers In Melbourne

Don’t let mediocre designers work on your space. Choose the best!

Good interior design is what separates a calming, comfortable home from a cluttered, unsightly mess. And it doesn’t happen by accident – professionals sketch design plans, specify materials for furnishings and fixtures and oversee construction to create a beautiful space.

But hiring an interior designer is a tough decision. Is it right for you? Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a professional to design your space.  To get you started, we’ve even rounded up a list of the top interior design firms in Melbourne.

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Should You Hire An Interior Designer?

Of course, it’s tempting to design your house or commercial establishment yourself, but having an interior designer gives you numerous advantages. For one, you’ll save money – these professionals have business relationships with furniture manufacturers and remodelling contractors. Using these connections, they’ll find ways to lower costs and keep your project within budget.

They also know a wide range of styles. You can go with basic contemporary finishes, but why stop there? If you have a bold personality, why not try a Bohemian-style abode? Or, if you have kids, how about a property with a cute playroom? And what about your endless wardrobe? A clever interior designer will find ways to give you all the storage space you need for it.

On the flip side, hiring an interior designer is optional. If you love to shop, have tons of free time and want to be in control of every aspect of your property, you’re welcome to do all the work yourself. As long as you work with a reliable contractor, your interior renovation project should be fine.


How To Choose The Right Interior Design Studio

There are plenty of interior designers in Melbourne – how do you choose the one for you? Here are the qualities you should look for.

A Good Listener

A good interior designer is a great listener. For example, if you want to incorporate Chinese aesthetics and follow the principles of feng shui, they should be able to adapt and give you what you’re looking for.

Good Credentials

Creating a design that reflects a client’s vision a skill – it’s not something you learn on the fly. Check the designer’s credentials to learn their awards, certifications and experience.

Reasonable Rates

No designer should single-handedly eat up your life savings. They should know how to charge reasonable rates. They can do this by taking time to source pieces from directly from manufacturers. Or maybe they can incorporate inexpensive distressed furniture to create a shabby chic look? No matter what they do, you should be comfortable paying their rates. For best results, request quotes from multiple design firms.

Best Interior Designers In Melbourne

Ready to choose an interior designer in Melbourne? Here are our top choices, ranked based on user reviews, range of experience, and skill.

8. Key Piece Interior Design

Key Piece prides itself on being a unique interior design practice – and it is! The company chooses to draw by hand despite being skilled in CAD (computer-aided drafting). This allows them to create beautiful, accurate and detailed designs that contractors can easily understand. They also work with a wide range of styles, from classical to contemporary.

7. Colour Confidence Interiors

When looking for an interior stylist in Melbourne, you’d want someone who can make the most out of the space you have. And that’s precisely what Michelle Broussard of Colour Confidence Interiors promises. The company believes in seeing the potential in your home and help reveal its hidden opportunities.” 

Michelle will create something wonderful with your space, whether you’re looking for someone to design an airy beach house or an inviting commercial establishment.

6. Three Little Pigs Colour & Design

Jacque of Three Little Pigs Colour & Design has been offering interior design in Melbourne for more than 15 years. Given her many years in the industry, it’s no surprise that she can work with any style you have in mind – whether you want a rustic residence or a mid-century modern style office.

5. My Beautiful Abode

Looking for the best interior designers in Melbourne? Sophie Kost of My Beautiful Abode might be the person you’re looking for. She offers in CAD and high-end interior design. Since Sophie’s consultancy firm caters specifically to residential clients, their focus is creating practical, inviting and attractive homes.

4. Grace Interior Designs

One of the most famous interior designers in Melbourne, Grace Interior Designs serves residential and hospitality clients. The company was founded in 2013 by Trish Koury, who believes that interior design should be accessible and provide everyone with the opportunity to live in a beautiful space. If you’re looking for a studio that effortlessly blends function with aesthetics, this company is the one for you.

3. Edwina Harris Interior Design

Interior design in Melbourne doesn’t have to be restricted to local styles. For Edwina Harris, taking influences from here and abroad is the key to creating a beautiful space. Whether you want a sleek, modern living room or a quirky and eclectic bedroom, she’ll make your vision come to life. 


2. Emme Designs

Emme Designs is one of the highest-rated design consultancy firms in Melbourne, according to Houzz. This company works on everything from small apartments to multi-unit developments. In terms of services, you can choose from concept design, fixture selection, decoration and project management. Feel free to talk to them to discuss the scope of work.

If you’re wondering, “Do they accept projects near me? – you’re in luck! Even though they’re based in Melbourne, they work on properties all over Victoria.

1. David Hicks

David Hicks is a renowned interior stylist in Melbourne who has done it all. He’s designed everything from modern apartments to upscale retail spaces.

As for his design philosophy, he believes that all his work should be cohesive – the environment, architecture, and interior design should all combine to create harmony. If you’re looking for an award-winning specialist who can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your property, David is the best choice. Not convinced? Check out this grand Parisian apartment he designed in South Yarra.

Find The Right Professional For You

Whether you’re aiming to redesign your bathroom or reinvent an entire retail space, the right designer will deliver what you’re looking for. Talk to multiple design firms, ask them about their rates and decide which one’s right for you. Take your time – after all, your property is an investment that’ll serve you for many years to come. You just need to find the right person to transform it.

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