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Five great household apps

Streamline your life with these great phone-based apps

Got tonnes of housework, meals to prepare and a household to run? The apps below are just a few of the excellent solutions out there for both Android and IOS that will help organise and simplify your life.

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Keep on top of your recycling with this handy app produced by Project Ark and available on both IOS and Android. RecycleSmart connects you to information provided by your local council and will update your calendar with recycling bin nights and other waste management events. A handy menu allows you to search an astonishing range of waste materials and lets you know what you can (and can’t) put in your bins. You can also contact your council directly via the app to ask questions and get information regarding their waste services.

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My Homework

Got a house full of students that hate homework? Myhomework is an app that can help even the most disinterested student get on top of their homework tasks. You can share the apps’ information across devices and send notifications about upcoming assignments. Your kids will thank you at the end of the term when they get their results back! 

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Home Routines

Getting all those daily chores done requires planning and it’s easy to procrastinate. Home Routines breaks up the home into zones and sets a timer so you stay focused on the task at hand. Send yourself reminders and little messages to motivate getting those more maligned tasks done and you’ll find you have more free time as you’re getting chores and tasks done efficiently and quickly.

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Our Home

This fantastic app helps you connect your entire family with the chores that need to be done around the home. You can assign tasks and track what’s been done and what hasn’t. Our Home lets you reward completion with points so keeping the home tidy, milk replenished and patio swept can become a competition and you can reward the winner as you see fit, be it screen-time, a sweet treat or cold, hard pocket money. 

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You’ve completed all your chores but you’re still staring at the kitchen thinking ‘I’m too tired to cook tonight’. Well, take a load off and use Menulog’s app to organise a home-delivered meal. With a great range of restaurants, it’s just a matter of browsing the menus of local restaurants and choosing what you feel like. You can automatically pay via the app or use cash on delivery. The app will track your order and will let you know when your driver is about to deliver your food. All you need to do is get out the plates and dig in.

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