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Keep it cool with these 9 quality fridge brands made for busy households

We've narrowed it down to the absolute best.

If your fridge is on its last legs or you’re ready for an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place!

Buying a fridge isn’t something you should take lightly; if done right, your fridge should last for years to come. That’s why it’s important to look for trusted brands, sift through customer reviews, and really do a deep dive into your non-negotiables like ice makers, water dispensers, shelves, configurations, prices, warranties and more.

But with countless options, finding the best fridge isn’t always easy. Luckily, we’ve done all the legwork to bring you our list of the best fridge brands in Australia, as well as a rundown of popular refrigerator models below.

2024’s best fridge brands

  1. Fisher & Paykel
  2. Samsung
  3. Westinghouse

The best fridge brands to shop in Australia 2024

Read on to discover the best fridge brands in Australia, offering the perfect blend of innovation, style and reliability for your home.

Fisher & Paykel French Door Refrigerator
(Credit: The Good Guys)


Fisher & Paykel

at The Good Guys

Whether it’s a bottom mount or French door fridge, you’re bound to get bang for your buck when you buy a Fisher & Paykel fridge. Fisher & Paykel is recognised for its innovative designs and advanced technologies like ActiveSmart, ensuring optimal temperature control and food freshness. These fridges are known for energy efficiency and reliability, making them a popular choice for many Aussie households.

Samsung French Door Fridge
(Credit: Samsung)



at Samsung

Samsung fridges usually have sleek designs, cutting-edge features and smart functionalities. With innovations such as Twin Cooling technology, Samsung ensures your food stays fresher for longer, while offering convenient smart connectivity options.

LG Bottom Mount Fridge
(Credit: LG)


LG fridges stand out thanks to their durable construction, energy-efficient performance and intuitive features like Smart Diagnosis for easy troubleshooting. Each one is designed to give you reliable cooling and storage solutions while saving money on your energy bills.

Kogan French Door Fridge
(Credit: Kogan)



at Kogan

Kogan fridges are a breath of fresh air for budget-minded Australians seeking a stylish and functional fridge for their kitchen. Kogan offers a diverse range of sizes and configurations, from compact single-door models to spacious French door fridges, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your needs and space.

Westinghouse Side By Side Refrigerator
(Credit: The Good Guys)



at The Good Guys

If you’re looking for a spacious interior and flexible storage space, Westinghouse has got you covered. With features like FlexSpace, the brand lets you customise your fridge layout, making it ideal for a variety of families and busy kitchens.

Electrolux French Door Refrigerator
(Credit: The Good Guys)



at The Good Guys

You really can’t go wrong with an Electrolux fridge! These fridges often have customisable storage options like CustomFlex door bins, providing convenience and flexibility for you to organise your produce and keep it fresher for longer. Plus, they are super stylish, energy-efficient and come in many different styles.

Haier Quad Door Refrigerator
(Credit: The Good Guys)



at The Good Guys

Haier offers a range of fridges known for their affordability, reliability and compact designs. Despite their budget-friendly prices, these fridges still maintain quality performance and energy efficiency, making them great for many households.

Hisense Top Mount Fridge
(Credit: Bing Lee)



at Bing Lee

Value for money? Stylish designs? Reliable performance? Tick, tick, tick! Equipped with features like frost-free technology, Hisense fridges deliver hassle-free maintenance and efficient cooling, catering to different budgetary and individual needs.

Kelvinator Top Mount Fridge
(Credit: The Good Guys)



at The Good Guys

Whether you prefer bottom-mount or top-mount fridges, Kelvinator has a model to suit every household. Giving you everything a great fridge should, a Kelvinator fridge will deliver reliable and efficient cooling all year round.

Which fridge brand is most reliable?

When it comes to the best fridge brands in Australia, it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for.

Fisher & Paykel stands out for its innovative designs, while Samsung and LG offer stylish options with advanced features. Westinghouse provides spacious interiors and flexible storage solutions, while Electrolux is known to focus on customisable storage. Meanwhile, Haier and Hisense give you affordable yet reliable options, and Kelvinator is trusted for its longevity.

That’s not to say they don’t all tick these boxes. Each brand brings its own strengths and innovations to the table, ensuring there’s a suitable option for every household and budget.

What type of fridge should you buy?

When deciding what type of fridge to buy, consider the following popular configurations:

Side-by-side fridge

This model splits the fridge and freezer compartments vertically, with each occupying one side of the appliance. This configuration offers convenient access to both fresh and frozen items and often comes with built-in water and ice dispensers.

French door fridge

The French door fridge is similar to a side-by-side fridge, but it has two doors for the fridge compartment that open outwards, while the freezer drawer is located at the bottom. French door fridges offer a spacious and organised interior, making it easier to store and access larger items.

Compact or mini fridge

Ideal for small kitchens, studio apartments or offices, compact fridges are smaller in size and offer basic cooling functionality. They’re perfect for storing beverages, snacks, or limited quantities of food.

Top mount fridge

Also known as a top-freezer fridge, this configuration has the freezer compartment located on top of the fridge section. It’s a traditional design that offers straightforward organisation and easy access to both compartments.

Bottom mount fridge

This popular fridge is similar to a top-mount fridge, but the freezer compartment is located at the bottom. This design places the fridge section at eye level, making it easier to access frequently used items without bending down.

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