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Fridge frenzy: The 6 best cheap fridges

Bag a bargain!

Fridges are a household necessity, but unfortunately, they can end up being very expensive! Sometimes picking the cheapest model can mean compromising on space, efficiency and durability and can end up being more expensive to run and therefore you end up losing out anyway… We are here to help you find your ‘forever fridge’ that isn’t going to break the bank now, or in the future!

We have only included the best cheap fridges for larger households and therefore if you live alone are are looking for a fridge to just have outside when you have people visiting, a bar fridge could be your best option! 

2024’s top 3 cheap fridges

  1. CHiQ 202L Top Mount Refrigerator, $448, Betta
  2. Heller 206L Double Door 1.42m Fridge/Freezer Food/Drink Refrigerator Cooler White, $445, Billy Guyatts
  3. LG 420L Bottom Mount Fridge Dark Graphite, $888, Betta

The best cheap fridges 2024


CHiQ 202L Top Mount Refrigerator

from $448 at Betta

This practical refrigerator offers loads of storage for food and beverages. This fridge is perfect for small to medium-sized homes and has a sleek white finish to fit in with any kitchen design. It has 54L freeze capacity on the top and 148L fridge capacity on the bottom, the perfect size for all your needs. 

Key features:

  • Door alarm.
  • Reversible door.
  • 4-star energy rating.
  • Multi-air flow and fast cool features to maintain optimal temperatures.
  • Controlled crisper drawer for prolonged freshness.

Available at:


Hisense 205 Litre Top Mount Refrigerator

from $445 at Billy Guyatts

With various shelves and in-door compartments, this fridge makes it very easy to keep your fridge organised. The sleek white finish again makes it fit seamlessly into most kitchens. At a very affordable price, this double fridge allows you to refrigerator and freeze in the same place, but for half the price!

Key features:

  • Recessed door handles.
  • Adjustable shelves for flexible storage.
  • Energy efficient with a 2-star energy rating.
  • 205L capacity. 

Available at:


LG 420L Bottom Mount Fridge Dark Graphite

from $888 at Betta

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger but don’t want to break the bank, this is your best option. With 420L capacity for under $1,000, this deal is unbeatable. The fridge has a 4.6/5 star rating out of 988 reviews on Appliances Online… that speaks for itself! With various different features, you’ll be in fridge heaven.

This fridge also has a special feature called Smart Diagnosis which essentially allows the Refrigerator to “talk for itself.” If you need to troubleshoot an issue with your fridge you can use the Smartphone app to Bluetooth with your fridge and see its performance and indicate any issues that require attention.

Key features:

  • 4-star energy rating.
  • LED lighting.
  • 700mm width making it easy to fit in most kitchens.
  • Door cooling; faster cooling for stored door items.
  • Smart diagnosis feature.

Available at:


Samsung 427L Bottom Mount Fridge

from $1,197 at The Good Guys

Samsung has quite the name for itself in the world of electronics, and this is an incredible price for a Samsung fridge! With 302L of refrigeration and 125L freezer capacity, you’ll have plenty of room for fruit, veggies, drinks, meats, frozen food and so much more. The steel finish is very easy to clean leaving you with a fridge that will look brand new with just a quick wipeover. 

Key features:

  • A smart sensor system; uses five sensors to monitor and regulate the temperature so food stays fresh.
  • All-around cooling: small vents on each level to maintain an even temperature throughout. 
  • Triple foldable shelf to open up more space. 
  • Clever in-door storage: adjustable door guards.
  • LED lighting.

Available at:

best-cheasp- fridges

Haier 489L French Door Frost Free Fridge with Water Dispenser Satina Silver

from $1,406 at Appliances Online

If you want something a bit bigger and love the special features such as an in-built water dispenser but don’t want to break the bank… we have found the PERFECT fridge for you. This french door, 489L, frost-free fridge with an in-built water dispenser allows you to live lavishly, but for an affordable price. If the special features and price don’t sell you, you can be more sure of its great quality by looking at the 4.5 star-rating from almost 500 reviews.

Key features: 

  • Adjustable shelves and customizable storage options.
  • Water dispenser
  • Freeze has slide-out drawers in various sizes.
  • Adjustable MyZone compartment allows you to store items according to their storage demands.
  • Spacious layout and double doors for easy access.

Available at:


Compact Refrigerator, 90L Dual Door Mini Refrigerator with freezer

from $319.90 at Amazon

This double-door mini fridge is perfect if you need an outdoor fridge or something for extra storage. With a 90L capacity, this fridge isn’t large enough to be used in a family home, however, it does have ample storage space and can also be used to store your ice cream or frozen food with the included freezer space.

Key features:

  • Energy saving and quiet.
  • A refrigerator and a freezer in one small space.
  • Seven temperature settings.
  • The door offers a spot for your favorite canned beverages.
  • Has a bottom drawer that can be used for fresh fruits.
  • Available in black or silver.

Available at:

How much does a fridge cost cheap?

Depending on the capacity, fridges can cost anywhere between $200 to $6,000… and that’s just the cheap ones! Some upmarket, fancy fridges, can retail for close to $25,000. We have done our best to find the best cheap fridges out there, however, if you only need something small, a bar fridge could also be an option for you. Bar fridges are much smaller in capacity and can retail for less, depending on the brand. 

What is the least expensive type of refrigerator?

The least expensive type of refrigerator tends to be top and bottom freezer refrigerators. Side-by-side and French doors commonly retail for much more and tend to have more modern features. 

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