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Get through Dry July with these tasty zero-alcohol alternatives!

All the taste, without the hangover.
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We know that quitting booze – even for just a while – has a slew of benefits, so what better time to go off the grog than for Dry July?

WATCH: The Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

For those of us who are hoping to cut down on drinking but can’t bear the thought of going without their nightly vino with dinner, then not to worry – because these days, there’s a bunch of non-alcoholic options that taste just like the real thing.

Not only is there more choice than ever, going without alcohol comes with a whole lot of impressive benefits, including weight loss, a better night’s sleep, and more energy.

Get through Dry July with these tasty alternatives to alcoholic beer, wine and spirits. (Credit: Getty)

So if a healthier outlook sounds up your alley, head to the official Dry July website to get involved for a good cause, as all funds raised through the event will go towards local and national cancer support organisations across Australia to benefit cancer patients, their families and carers. 

Whether you love spirits, wine, beer or cocktails, you can be sure there’s a zero-alcohol option for you to get you through – we’ve rounded up the best so you don’t have to!

Zero-Alcohol Beer

(Credit: Athletic Brewing Co)

Athletic Brewing Co ‘Run Wild’ and ‘Upside Dawn’

Athletic Brewing Co. is already big in the US market and is backed by sports stars like Lance Armstrong and J.J. Watt and chef, David Chang, and now they’ve landed Down Under.

With the release of their ‘Get Athletic’ craft beers, which include a zero-alcohol Golden Ale and IPA, Athletic Brewing Co is encouraging Aussies to get up and try something new every day this July – without having to deprive themselves.

Available online and in Woolworths for just $19.99 RRP per 6-pack

(Credit: Supplied)

Great Northern Zero

Great Northern Zero is a 0.0% alcohol beer, brewed with an outdoor lifestyle in mind. With its fruity aroma and crisp finish, it is the ultimate 0.0% alcohol refreshment for your favourite adventure.

The Great Northern Zero recipe has gone through an alcohol removal process and then blended to create a crisp 0.0% alcohol beer without compromising on taste.

Available via Jimmy Brings, but on special (for one month only) this Try July for 24-pack $40 RRP, save $3

(Credit: Supplied)

Beneficial Beer Stone Cold Lager

This is a classic all-malt lager, with a lowish body, balanced with a soft bitterness, making it highly drinkable and beery. In other words, exactly what you want in a beer.

Available at Craftzero for just $14.99 per 4-pack

Zero-Alcohol Wine

(Credit: Supplied)

Hardy’s Zero Shiraz

Hardys – one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic wineries – is introducing new varietals to its recently launched zero-alcohol wine range.

Hardy’s ZERO Shiraz is available now in Coles, while Hardys ZERO Chardonnay, Sparkling and Shiraz will be available at Woolworths and independent liquor retailers from 18 July 2022.

Hardy’s ZERO Shiraz is available in Coles for $13 RRP 750ml bottle

(Credit: BWS)

Paradox ZERO

Paradox ZERO Grenache and Paradox ZERO Pinot Noir are the perfect winter sips for sober-curious sippers looking to branch out from the traditional full-bodied Aussie reds.

Available at BWS for $15 per bottle

1920 Wines Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc
(Credit: Supplied)

1920 Wines Sauv Blanc

Made in South-Eastern Australia from grapes harvested in the cool of the night to retain the varietal characteristics of the fruit, this wine exhibits tropical fruit salad notes, with an elegant palate of mango and passionfruit. It has a balanced, full-bodied mouth feel and a well-rounded finish.

Available at Craftzero for $14.99 RRP per 750ml bottle

(Credit: SansDrinks)

Sans Drinks Winter Wine Mixed Bundle

If you’re hoping to stock up this Dry July, look no further than the Sans Drinks Winter Wine Mixed Bundle, which includes a mix of six different red wines, wine alternatives and vitamin-rich rosé, ideal for every occasion.

Plus, you’ll save 10% on this mixed pack of 6 non-alcoholic wines, which are perfect for winter drinking.

Available at SansDrinks on sale for $123.93 per bundle

Zero-Alcohol Spirits

(Credit: Supplied)

Lyres Highland Malt

Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, Lyres Highland Malt boasts a subtle smokiness, nutty grain characters and the unmissable influence of oak tannin, all contributing to a contemporary and distinct depth of flavour. 

Available at Craftzero for $44.99 per bottle

(Credit: Supplied)

Yes You Can G&T

Just the tonic (and more!) – a jolt of juniper with a classic bitter hit and that familiar G&T warmth. Best enjoyed when it clinks in a fancy glass with a squeeze of fresh lemon… or straight from the can!

Available at Yes You Can for $38 RRP per 8-pack

(Credit: Lyre’s)

Lyre’s Ultimate Margarita Set

This zero-alcohol Margarita set contains Agave Blanco Spirit, Agave Reserva Spirit & Orange Sec, so you can get that delicious Margie taste, minus the hangover!

Available at Lyre’s on sale for $121.97 per Margarita Set

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