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Chrissie Swan shares candid details about why she quit booze

The star hasn’t touched a drop in more than two and a half years.
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Chrissie Swan has celebrated a major milestone, marking 1000 days since her last sip of alcohol. 

The 50-year-old TV and radio personality took to her Instagram to celebrate the achievement, shedding new light on her decision to quit booze more than two and a half years ago. 

WATCH: Chrissie Swan reveals why she quit drinking. Article continues after video. 

She started off her essay with a note that she rarely spoke of her sober journey publically, as she didn’t want to “encourage people to do anything they haven’t arrived at themselves.”

“On my 1000-day anniversary, I know for sure it has been the right thing for me so I’m putting this here for anyone who’s thinking that maybe drinking isn’t fun for them anymore,” she penned from the heart.

“I love love love being able to drive everywhere, leave places whenever I like, and especially ESPECIALLY going to bed knowing I’ve been the most authentic version of myself AND waking up ready and excited about another brilliant day.”

Chrissie is living her best life nowadays. (Credit: Getty)

Whilst Chrissie says she knew she didn’t have a “massive, long-standing problem” with alcohol, she did become uncomfortable with how much she drank without realising through the pandemic. 

“I don’t miss drinking one bit and now I never even think about it. I am proud of myself as well – which is a sparkling and meaningful thing,” she shared.

“In truth – every aspect of my life, energy, positivity, and relationships have become so much better in every way since that day. 

It’s hard to believe 1000 days have passed since Chrissie made the decision to go sober. (Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time Chrissie has spoken candidly about her decision to live a sober life, her first time being an appearance on The Project in October 2021. 

“I really am reticent to be the poster girl for sobriety because it was a decision I made for myself after giving it a fair nudge in the first lockdown last year,” she told the panel at the time.

“I do recommend it. If you’re thinking, ‘Oh, maybe I’m drinking a bit much’ or ‘it’s not helping me anymore’, I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve taken from it, is that it didn’t help.”

Chrissie is set to return as a member of the guessing panel for The Masked Singer Australia in 2024. (Credit: Instagram/Channel 10)

Chrissie also revealed that giving the bottle the flick had done wonders for her mental health, particularly in such a turbulent time given the ongoing lockdowns in her home city of Melbourne.

“With the pressures and anxieties and worries and being responsible for kids and their whole life has changed and you’re their parent, you feel enormous guilt, though it’s all out of your control, you kind of feel like having a few drinks will take the edge off and a couple of drinks does but eventually it’s at the stage where it doesn’t help and it certainly wasn’t helping me,” Chrissie explained.

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