Arnott’s has dropped four new Tim Tam flavours and they’re backed by science

Tim Tam slams just got even more delicious.
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What’s the best thing about Australia? The weather? The people? The beaches? No, it’s our Tim Tams, of course.

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Considering Tim Tams indisputably sit at the top of the Australian pyramid (just look at Maccas’ Tim Tam McFlurry!), it comes as delightful news that Arnott’s has decided to expand the biscuit range.   

Gone are the days that the classic Tim Tam was the only option on grocery shelves; dark, white, double coat, and more now line our shopping trolleys.

And it seems that Arnott’s is keen to occupy even more of the Coles and Woolies shelf real estate as they have added four new flavours to their catalogue: Decadent Triple Choc, Salted Caramel Brownie, Dark Choc Raspberry Tart, and Dark Choc Mint.

Decadent Triple Choc. (Credit: Arnott’s)

For those who constantly tell their mates that the Double Coat simply isn’t chocolatey enough, the Decadent Triple Choc is the flavour for you. As the name suggests, it’s the Tim Tam you love with even more velvety chocolate.

For caramel fans, the Salted Caramel Brownie Tim Tams include a luscious milk chocolate coating with extra choc covering two crunchy biscuits. This is sandwiched between chocolate brownie flavoured cream and an extra gooey salted caramel centre.

The Dark Choc Raspberry Tart and Dark Choc Mint have the same components, only with Dark chocolate. The former has a raspberry flavoured cream and centre, and the latter has a mint cream and choc centre.

Dark Choc Raspberry Tart. (Credit: Arnott’s)

Not only have Arnott’s dropped these new deluxe flavours, they have been spending time with scientists to prove their indulgence lives up to the hype.

Partnering with Australia’s best QEEG and Brain Mapping experts, the Sydney Neurofeedback Centre, the company saw major activity in the brain when eating a Tim Tam deluxe.

Neurologist Tim Lucas explained just how the brain science worked (thank god).

“When the brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves,” he said. “These waves tend to sit on a relatively low amplitude but move the fastest and at a higher frequency. So, when our minds are vastly engaged or highly aroused, a spike in beta waves will be a sign of that.”

Dark Choc Mint. (Credit: Arnott’s)

Needless to say, when Arnott’s trustworthy Tim Tam test eaters (where do we sign up, by the way?) tried the new range, these beta waves sure had a party.

“When Arnott’s told us about their yet-to-be-launched and most indulgent Tim Tam range ever, we were curious to understand what indulging in one might do to Aussie brains,” Tim explained.

“We entered the experiment quite doubtful we’d see drastic results that might indicate pleasure. So, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that smelling a Tim Tam Deluxe – let alone biting into one – quite literally lit up the brains and activated the high beta waves in ways we’d never seen before, in every one of the clients we tested.” 

The four flavours are due to hit shelves nationwide this week!

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