The Masked Singer is back and looks as outrageous as ever in new teaser

Some of the costumes are seriously freaky!
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The Masked Singer is back, and it looks like the third season of the show has a whole lot in store for us!

Channel Ten have just dropped a teaser for the new season, featuring some seriously… interesting new characters.

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There’s a baby, a fish with a mullet, a burrito, a piñata, a vampire and something known only as ‘Atlantis’.

The production team have gone all out with the costumes this year, but we have to admit a few of them are a little creepy.


Fans just got their first glimpse of the new Masked Singer contestants. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Not that it will stop us from tuning in when the show premieres in the coming weeks.

TV Blackbox has reported the singing contest will return to Aussie screens when the current season of Survivor: Brains V Brawn wraps up.

Frankly, we can’t wait – and neither can the judges!

Dannii Minogue took to Instagram to share her excitement about the new season, leaving an enthusiastic comment on the teaser posted online.

The new Baby character is a little unnerving. (Credit: Channel Ten)

“Season Three – can’t wait to watch this with my family and live tweet with you all #partytime #InspectorMinogue” she wrote.

Osher Günsberg is set to return as this year’s host, while Dannii will be joined by Urzila Carlson, Jackie O and Dave Hughes on the panel.

There will be some shake-ups this season however, as there was one massive on-set change during filming.

Ten were unable to have a studio audience present for this season due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning we won’t be seeing the usual cheering crowds.

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Instead, the show will feature a virtual studio audience, though details of exactly what that will look like aren’t clear yet.

As for who the singers are behind the masks – well, there has already been plenty of speculation.

Names like Tammin Sursock and Charlotte Crosby have been thrown out, as both stars flew into Sydney around the time of filming.

But as anyone who watched the show knows, you can never be sure who is singing until the mask comes off.

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