Home And Away: The truth about Robbo

The Summer Bay resident goes head-to-head with Novak.

Kat (Pia Miller) puts her baby’s life at risk when she learns in Yabbie Creek that the police are gearing up for the raid on Novak’s address. 

In a confrontation with the criminal, she goes to draw her weapon, but Novak (Mirko Grillini) punches her in the stomach, and Kat crumples to the ground in agony, leaving the tyrant to escape. 

Later, when he’s sure Kat is home and safe, Robbo (Jake Ryan) opens the bag Scarlett (Tania Nolan) found at the cove. 

Inside is a piece of paper with numbers on it and a set of keys. 

Robbo drives back to Novak’s property and follows a series of clues. They lead him to a warehouse where Novak is waiting….with a gun. 

Novak informs Robbo he is really Becket Reid, a hitman sent to kill Kat. 

Robbo launches himself at Novak, telling him to inform his bosses that he will keep Kat silent if Novak leaves for good. 

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