I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2020 Has Arrived!

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For months, we’ve been waiting… and at last, it’s here: I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2020!

WATCH: It’s time to head into the jungle!

First up into the jungle was celebrity chef Miguel Maestre, who was bursting with excitement as he strolled down the red carpet to the beat of the drums.

Radio and TV personality Myf Warhurst and TV personality Tom Williams followed closely behind – but it was Charlotte Crosby’s arrival that spelled the beginning of drama for the season! 

I’m so nervous. I am so nervous. I have never felt this nervous in my whole entire life,” the British reality star confessed.

I'm A Celeb contestants
(Credit: Channel Ten)

There is not a chance in this whole entire world that I will fling myself off a cliff or out of a plane,” Charlotte added determinedly.

“I point blank won’t go. I don’t care who doesn’t eat. We could quite frankly probably all do with losing a bit of weight.”

Charlotte I'm A Celeb

Next cab off the rank was Ryan Gallagher, of Married At First Sight fame – and he’s still talking about his (disaster) experience on the reality show!

A few of you might know me from my terrible experience. It wasn’t a terrible experience… it was terrible. We didn’t have fun. I’m not married anymore. But it’s from MAFS,” he rambled, grinning ear to ear.

Ryan I'm A Celeb
(Credit: Channel Ten)

Kicking off the craziness straight away, the five contestants were sent off one at a time to bungee-jump off a helicopter, and – true to her word – Charlotte refused to jump.

Just couldn’t do it,” she said with her feet back on solid ground.

“I don’t know how any of them have done that. You’ve literally got to have a death wish. I’ve actually wet myself.”

Charlotte crying I'm A Celeb
(Credit: Channel Ten)

That drama over, we moved on to another part of the jungle to meet the rest of the celebs who’ll be roughing it over the coming weeks. 

Entertainer extraordinaire Rhonda Burchmore danced her way down to the clearing, followed quickly by comedian Nikki Osborne.

It was nice to see Rhonda because she’s lovely,” Nikki quipped.

“It’s nice to have lovely people because I was expecting a bunch of reality TV wankers.”

Awkwardly, the next person to walk in was reality star Erin Barnett.

Rhonda I'm A Celen
(Credit: Channel Ten)

“People might remember me from being the funny but psycho one from Love Island Australia,” Erin joked to camera.

“I haven’t had much sleep. Your breathing irritates me. If I’ve had a good 13-hour sleep I’ll be fine.”

Not much chance of that in the jungle, girl!

Erin also got real about what she’ll miss most during her time in the camp.

Do you know what I’ll miss the most? I’ll miss social media, but memes. Memes make your day. I will probably get out of the jungle and I’ll become a meme. So that will be great.”

Erin Barnett I'm A Celeb
(Credit: Channel Ten)

Two more comedians joined the trio – TV personality and writer Tayna Hennessy, and Sri Lankan stand-up comic Dilruk Jayasinha – and the fivesome headed down river to face their star challenge, which featured creepy crawlies, rats, slime cannons and so much more.

We watched Erin climb into a box that filled up with water and rats, while her four new buddies were shackled to a wall and had to answer questions to win their freedom. If they got the answers wrong, they were hit with a slime cannon. 

Oh, and once they were free, they had to stick their hands into boxes of scorpions, porcupines, termites… and Nikki stuck her head into a container of snakes. 

So they were all, understandably, pretty damn happy to get to camp that night and meet the rest of the team – and everyone was impressed with how (ahem) luxe the camp was. 

This is not the worst,” quipped Tanya.

“It’s not the best but it’s not the worst.”

Wonder if she’ll still be saying that by the end of the show?

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