Can’t get enough of Drive to Survive? Here’s where you can watch the real Formula 1 races

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While the sport has been around for decades, Formula One (F1) really shot to popularity after Netflix released the documentary, Drive to Survive.

High-intensity action, stunning locations and incredibly talented drivers; it’s no wonder why the series garnered so much attention and in turn, saw the sport gain a whole new generation of fans.

Speaking to its popularity in Australia, the Australian Grand Prix set a new attendance record last year with a total of 444,631 people, making it the most-attended sporting event ever in Melbourne.

Of course, with all the races spread across the globe, fans will want to know where they can tune in for themselves at home. Here, we’ve detailed exactly where you can watch F1 in Australia.

daniel ricciardo
Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo features heavily in the documentary, Drive to Survive. (Credit: Getty)

How to watch F1 in Australia

You can live stream every race of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship in Australia on Kayo Sports by signing up here, and if you missed any of the action, all the past races are also available to watch.

With Kayo Sports, you won’t miss a single thing as they broadcast every Formula 1 practice session, qualifying session and full Grand Prix race live and on demand.

You can also stream Kayo Freebies content directly via Hubbl (read our Hubbl explainer here), including all Formula 1 practice and qualifier races. The best part? Kayo Freebies on Hubbl will not require a Kayo subscription to view free content. Find out more here.

Can you watch F1 on Kayo Basic?

While Kayo offers different subscription packages to choose from – Kayo One, Basic and Premium – all three give you exactly the same great quality and quantity of content, including HD and all the features.

The only difference in the subscription is the number of devices that can stream at one time. With Kayo Basic you can stream on two devices at any time. So yes, you can watch F1 with a Kayo Basic subscription.

Stream Formula 1 live and on demand at Kayo Sports with a mth-to-mth no lock-in contract. Sign up here now.

2024 Formula 1 Schedule

Round 1: Bahrain Grand Prix – February 29 to March 2
Round 2: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – March 7 to 9
Round 3: Australian Grand Prix – March 22 to 24
Round 4: Japanese Grand Prix – April 5 to 7
Round 5: Chinese Grand Prix – April 19 to 21
Round 6: Miami Grand Prix – May 3 to 5
Round 7: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix – May 17 to 19
Round 8: Monaco Grand Prix – May 24 to 26
Round 9: Canadian Grand Prix – June 7 to 9
Round 10: Spanish Grand Prix – June 21 to 23
Round 11: Austrian Grand Prix – June 28 to 30 
Round 12: British Grand Prix – July 5 to 7
Round 13: Hungarian Grand Prix – July 19 to 21
Round 14: Belgian Grand Prix – July 26 to 28
Round 15: Dutch Grand Prix – August 23 to 25
Round 16: Italian Grand Prix – August 10 to September 1
Round 17: Azerbaijan Grand Prix – September 13 to 25
Round 18: Singapore Grand Prix – September 20 to 22
Round 19: United States Grand Prix – October 18 to 20
Round 20: Mexico City Grand Prix – October 25 to 27
Round 21: Sao Paulo Grand Prix – November 1 to 3
Round 22: Las Vegas Grand Prix – November 21 to 23
Round 23: Qatar Grand Prix – November 19 to December 1
Round 24: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – December 6 to 8

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