Zoë Foster Blake admits she struggles to have ‘sexy time’ with husband Hamish

Oh dear!

Zoë Foster Blake has admitted she struggles to have ‘sexy time’ with husband Hamish in a recent interview on 60 Minutes. 

While Hamish was discussing the secret to their happy marriage, the 38-year-old author let slip their lack of intimacy. 

‘There’s no right or wrong. I’m sure there’s lots of people out there that whirlwinds totally worked for them,’ began Hamish. 

Channel nine
(Credit: Channel nine)

‘But I think for us anyway, when times get… when you’ve got kids, and you’re sleep-deprived, you’re falling back on your friendship far more than you’re falling back on…’

 ‘Sexy times…’ Zoe interrupted on several occasions.

Which led her husband to admit they had tried to get intimate but found it hard. 

‘I tried it, yeah, doesn’t work,’ he admitted. 

Channel Nine
(Credit: Channel Nine)

‘At three in the morning when the kids are crying, I’m like, “I think I know what we need here.” Put some leather pants on and a satin shirt, and came back. It didn’t work,’ he confessed. 

 ‘It was weird,’ Zoe added. 

‘Actually, there was there was that weird fetish that Zoe had,’ Hamish shot back. 

‘Oh, don’t talk about that, honey,’ laughed Zoe. 

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