EXCLUSIVE: Tony Armstrong: ‘I can’t wait to have kids of my own’

He wants to be a father.
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A man of many talents, Tony Armstrong is now turning his hand to entertaining little ones, voicing turtle teacher Mr Flip in the new animated kids show Reef School

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“It was just so much fun. When I was doing it I was imagining some of the little kids in my life watching it,” says Tony, a proud godfather to Harriet, who loves watching her ‘Uncle Tone’.

“She’s just started clocking that I’m on the telly and she flips out. I’d love to have kids someday.”

“I’d love to have kids someday.” (Credit: Ten)

Awarded the Silver Logie for Most Popular New Talent earlier this year, Tony has been nonstop with work commitments.

But when the former AFL player turned News Breakfast sports presenter does have a rare day off, you’ll likely find him at home in Melbourne curled up on the sofa.

“I love watching telly and I love watching comedies,” he shares.

“I love watching telly and I love watching comedies.” (Credit: Instagram)

Excited to kick back with a five-week break from work over Christmas, Tony is heading to the Maragret River – and plans on doing lots of sleeping! 

“I’ve been pretty bloody busy this year, [so] I can’t wait to have a bit of a snooze,” he chuckles.

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