Fans LOVED Tony Armstrong’s weather antics

“Best weather report ever.”
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Is there anything Tony Armstrong can’t do? 

The Logie award winner and former AFL star revealed a new talent today when he took over as ABC’s weatherman from an MIA Nate Byrne. 

WATCH BELOW: Tony Armstrong takes over as ABC weatherman

Usually employed as a sports reporter, Tony did a remarkably competent job, especially considering he began the segment without the teleprompter. He gave the weather report for Melbourne, where he’s based, completely off the top of his head. 

“Sunny day today I think we’re getting to a top of 14, pretty clear, so get your washing done today,” he told viewers.

He was apologising to viewers outside of Melbourne when someone switched on the teleprompter and he was able to deliver the rest of the report.

“Hang on, hang on! I’ve actually got the autocue here now,” he said.

Tony Armstrong weather 1
Tony reported the weather in Melbourne without a teleprompter. (Credit: Twitter)

Despite the ABC’s usually tight-laced manner, viewers on Twitter were excited to get a glimpse behind the curtain.

“Hope the powers that be at the [ABC] know we viewers understand that things are not always smooth and appreciate live tv is that, live. These two are legends,” wrote one fan, referring to news anchor Joe O’Brian who played along with Tony’s antics.

“Best weatherman ever,” said another.

Many appreciated the laugh on a dreary Monday morning.

“This was so funny when I watched it all unfold, a genuine belly laugh, thanks Tony and Joe, I needed that,” one viewer tweeted.

Twitter response to Tony Armstrong
Viewers took to Twitter to show their love for Tony’s report. (Credit: Twitter)

Others were merely impressed Tony was able to keep up when someone on the crew started playing with the images behind him. First a severe weather warning popped up, then they plasted the word ‘Vancouver’ across the screen.

“I love how the team responsible for the images totally started trolling Tony,” tweeted a fan.

“Lost it when Vancouver popped up. You can’t write comedy that good. Thanks for the laughs!” said another.

Tony Armstrong baffled by Vancouver
“Vancouver?” The crew didn’t make Tony’s job very easy. (Credit: Twitter)

Tony capped off his report with an impromptu jig, which ought to be how all weather reports end from now on.

His ABC colleague Joe O’Brien seemed thoroughly entertained by the whole event saying, “terrific to have the man who can do anything, Tony Armstrong, filling in for a moment. “

WATCH BELOW: Tony Armstrong’s hilarious Tim Paine gaffe

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