Devastating news for Kyle and Jackie O

The radio duo have received some shock news

It’s a battle of the airwaves for Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O!

The radio duo’s ongoing feud with rival 2Day FM’s Em Rusciano is set to reach fever pitch following the release of the latest radio ratings.

Mumbrella reports that the 2Day FM breakfast slot hosted by Ed Kavalee and Grant Denyer has enjoyed an audience boost of 0.6 per cent – meaning they are up to a 3.4 per cent share.


And while KISS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show still remains at the top of the breakfast radio ratings, the new report states its audience dropped from 12.1 percent to a 10 per cent share.

Kyle and Em have been locked in a long-term rivalry, with the shock jock even writing an open letter to his rival last year, describing her ratings at the time as ‘disgraceful,’ before further goading her by offering to buy the network for $20.

‘They’re terrible ratings. You can’t make $1 with that rating. They’re now down to 2.9 per cent of the market,’ Kyle said of the ratings at the time – which had fallen to a 2.9 per cent share.


‘2Day FM, I’ll buy your license for $20. I offered a million dollars recently, I’m now offering $20,’

Meanwhile, Em retaliated with a scathing Facebook post.

‘Dear Kyle Sandilands,’ she began. ‘I sold out the Opera House in 20 minutes last week, indeed my whole national tour sold out.

‘My audio book is No. 1 in the country, and my radio show has twice the engagement levels online than yours does.

‘I don’t feel humiliated or pathetic in any way shape or form.

‘The radio ratings will come, and the fact that you keep mentioning me on your show proves that you know it too.’


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