EXCLUSIVE: Kirsty Lee Akers cops hatred from fans confusing her with this year’s The Block villain

"I'm not the villain, that's Kristy!"
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Former Blockhead Kirsty Lee Akers is copping hatred from fans who keep mixing her up with this year’s villain, Kristy.

Kirsty competed in 2021 with her husband Jesse Anderson.

WATCH NOW: Kirsty and Jesse’s Lake House Build Project. Article continues after video.

The country music star tells New Idea that, due to their similar- sounding names, she has received “many horrible messages” from people who think she is Kristy. 

Kirsty Lee Akers (Credit: Getty)

“It’s crazy,” Kirsty reveals.

“I get messages and I get tagged in comments on social media.

One fan of the show even went onto my actual music page to tell me how nasty and fake I am.

“I also did a radio interview about my music in the first fortnight of this year’s series, and was asked, ‘what’s it like to be the villain on The Block this year?’

“It’s certainly not a great time to have the name Kirsty, that’s for sure!”

What makes it even worse is the fact Kirsty and Jesse were famous for never fighting on their season of The Block.

Kristy from The Block 2023. (Credit: Channel 9)

They’ve even remained on friendly terms with their series’ villains Tanya and Vito, who got caught up in a cheating scandal.

Kirsty admits she did feel sorry for Kristy when fans were quick to label her the villain in the first few weeks of the show.

But now she says she has no sympathy for Kristy and Brett, after watching them “stir the pot and play mind games” with the other contestants.

“Everyone can be a bit evil some of the time, but not every single episode!” she says.

Kirsty and Jesse now. (Credit: Instagram)

Two years on from their Block stint, Kirsty and Jesse have since formed a band with guitarist Dan Ebbels to capitalise on what Kirsty jokingly calls Jesse’s “money making face”.

Kirsty admits she found it “hysterical” when Jesse’s brooding good looks transformed him into a “gay icon” on their series of The Block, and says they now want to take the country music industry by storm with new band, Rhinestoned.

“I was a bit worried about how he would go at first because he’s so shy and quiet, but he’s really taken to it, and he doesn’t get as nervous as I do on stage,” she says.

Rhinestoned performed at The Groundwater Country Music Festival on the Gold Coast on Friday, October 20 where they performed their new single, Margarita Weather, which pays homage to the late great, Jimmy Buffett.

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