Bachie baby bombshell: DNA test exposed

Contestant Jamie Doran’s love child scandal rocks the mansion
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When Gogglebox star Angie Kent signed up to find love on The Bachelorette she must have known she would be in for a wild ride.

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But she had no idea that one of her hopeful gentlemen was hiding a shocking baby secret!

Jamie Doran – the 39-year-old firefighter who stole Angie’s heart on their first meeting after he gifted her an adorable puppy on the red carpet – indulged in a secret hook-up with a US model in 2016.

Nine months later, in early 2017, she gave birth to a baby girl – putting Jamie at the very centre of a paternity scandal.

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“Jamie met the model at a bar when he was travelling through the US,” an inside source tells New Idea. “They swapped numbers and stayed friends for a year. He went back a year later and they hung out again over a number of weeks.

“They ended up sleeping together. Jamie continued on with his travels.”

Fast-forward to early 2017 and the model had just given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Meanwhile, avid adventurer Jamie was once again travelling – this time in the UK.

“She rang him while he was in London and said, ‘I think this is your baby’,” says our source. “Jamie said it couldn’t be as he had used protection, but she insisted it was.”

No doubt the revelation came as a shock for Jamie, who hot footed it back to the US at his former flame’s request to take a DNA test to determine once and for all if the little girl was indeed Jamie’s child.

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It’s clear that Jamie values trust, so it’s perhaps no surprise to hear he got to the bottom of the love child fiasco quickly.

“‘When people don’t trust me, I feel worthless,” he explained during the first episode of the series. “If I do something, I’ll own it.”

And so, on October 2, 2017, Jamie underwent the paternity test.

One week later, the model got back in touch.

“It was negative,” reveals our source, who adds that Jamie breathed a sigh of relief, and wished her luck in finding the father of her child.

“He was totally relieved. Having a child at that point in his life was the last thing that he wanted.”

Angie does not look impressed. (Credit: MATRIX)

But while the now-39-year-old may have been happy that his parenting journey wasn’t starting so soon, his intense feelings for Angie on the show have left audiences reeling – and earned him the title of this year’s ‘stage-five clinger’.

In a group date that saw some of the boys who are vying for Angie’s heart dress as farmyard animals while she dressed as the farmer’s wife, Jamie was picked to play the role of said husband – and he took it very seriously.

“I’ve been chosen to be Angie’s husband, who’s a farmer,” he said during the episode.

“Angie chose our individual characters to match our personalities. Obviously, Angie thinks that one day we could be life companions. I’m absolutely stoked!”

He continued: “That’s everything to me, to be Angie’s husband.”

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