How fans can offset Taylor Swift’s private jet carbon emissions

We just need 70,000 people
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Recently Taylor Swift has come under fire for the exorbitant carbon emissions from her private jet. 

UK marketing agency Yard conducted a study about environmental impacts of private jet use after it was revealed Kylie Jenner uses hers to take trips as short as 12 minutes.

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Yard’s investigation revealed that the issue of private jet use among celebrities is pouring over 3000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere this year alone.

The study, which scraped data from the Celebrity Jets twitter page, found that this year T-Swizzle jet has already emitted over 1000 times more carbon than the average person’s annual emission. 

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was named the ‘worst offender’ on Yard’s list. (Credit: Getty)

To be fair to Taylor, representatives have pointed out that her plane is loaned out when not in use by Swifty herself.

“Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect,” the representative told Rolling Stone.

However, over on Reddit a user has sat down to figure out what fans would need to do to offset Taylor’s carbon footprint and the result is simple – Taylor just needs to convince 70,000 American fans to cut their beef consumption in half.

Taylor Swift on SNL
We just need 70,000 people… (Credit: Getty)

Now, it should be noted that it’s not up to the public to make up for a celebrity’s wrongdoing. This is not a suggestion that Taylor’s fans should halve their meat consumption but it’s an interesting proposal mostly because it’s entirely possible.

Posting on the subreddit r/TheyDidTheMath user JKUAN108 pointed out that Taylor has over 220 million followers on Instagram and her album Folklore sold more than two million units worldwide, 70,000 of those were in Australia alone.

If Taylor were to start a campaign asking fans to cut down their beef intake it could ultimately surpass the required 70,000 with ease. Infact, JKUAN108 already has a hashtag TayTay can use. 

“I propose the hashtag be called #NoBeefWithTaylor,” they wrote.

A post on r/TheyDidTheMath
They did the math (Credit: Reddit)

Ultimately, this is all a fun theory and while cutting back beef consumption has a positive environmental impact, it’s not up to private individuals to pick up the slack for excessive polluters. 

At the end of the day, the celebrities are the ones that should be reexamining their carbon output and how their private jet usage contributes to that. 

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