Sylvia Jeffreys’ gender reveal blunder confuses fans

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Today’s Sylvia Jeffreys’ on-air gender reveal didn’t exactly go to plan. But it wasn’t the actual reveal that confused fans, it was the reasoning behind it.  

WATCH: Sylvia Jeffreys’ hilarious gender reveal blunder

This morning, Today Extra host Sylvia Jeffreys had a bit of a mishap when attempting to reveal her baby’s sex.

While holding the black balloon that contained either pink or blue confetti, to signify the sex of the baby, Sylvia was testing the sharpness of the needle that would later be used to burst the balloon and reveal whether she would be having a boy or a girl.

However, the 34-year-old quickly learnt that the needle was pretty sharp indeed, as her test became the actual reveal. Blue confetti rained down on the hosts a bit too early and it seemed as though the big moment had been blundered

But, as it turns out, the sex reveal had already been ruined long ago. 

Sylvia Jeffreys sex reveal
Sylvia Jeffreys revealed the gender of her baby a bit too soon. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Yeah, we’re not sure why the Today Show felt it necessary to reveal that Sylvia is having a boy, when the presenter herself announced it back when she and her husband Peter Stefanvoic, brother to Today host Karl, told the world they were expecting.

Back in October last year, Sylvia posted a photo of Pete with their then-eight-month-old son Oscar, writing “When you found out you’re getting a best bud for life. Oscar’s little brother due in April next year. We are so lucky.”

Huh? So we already knew the couple were having a boy? 

And fans were just as confused by the on-air “reveal”. 

Sylvia Pete baby
Sylvia and Pete announced they were expecting back in October last year. They also announced they were expecting a son at the same time. (Credit: Instagram)

The Today Show’s official Instagram account was littered with comments from confused viewers who also realised the reveal was very much old news.

“Didn’t we know this?” one user wrote.

“I thought we already knew this.” a second chimed in.

“We already knew it was a boy.” another penned.

Sylvia Pete
Sylvia recently confessed she will not be receiving the COVID vaccine while pregnant. (Credit: Instagram)

Sylvia is currently seven months into her pregnancy and recently got into some conflict about her decision not to receive the COVID vaccine while carrying her son.

“I’ve been trying my very best to find as many facts on this and to find the clear information and government guidelines from health professionals.” Sylvia said on-air back in February.

“At this point, being pregnant, if it were offered to me today I probably wouldn’t have it, but I would first consult my GP on that.”

“If I were trying to fall pregnant then I suppose I would be hanging in doubt.”

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