Sam Armytage makes MAJOR announcement


Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has taken to Instagram this morning to announce some very exciting news! 

Posting a stunning shot in her best active wear, Sam announced to her 200,000 followers she has teamed up wth legendary weight loss company Weight Watchers, and become their new ambassador! 

“Thrilled to announce I’m joining forces with @ww as their newest ambassador!”, wrote an elated Armytage. 

The television presenter continued her post by praising the company’s change of direction, before joking about her own figure: “Very excited about this modern, holistic company, which is now all about WELLNESS rather than just weight loss (although losing a few kg’s has been a nice bonus😂👍)”

(Credit: Getty)

Sam capped off her announcement by encouraging her followers to strive for ‘strength’ and for not ‘skinny’: “Join me on my new journey & let’s have positive body image for all! Remember; it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy & strong!” 

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