Beauty and the Geek host Sophie Monk confirms there IS romance on this season

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Married life has started out pretty good for Sophie Monk, who admits she’s “happier than ever” since she tied the knot with Joshua Gross during an intimate ceremony at their home on the NSW Central Coast in March.

“It’s so nice to know I get to spend every day with my best friend,” the 42-year-old TV host tells New Idea.

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Luckily for Sophie – who started living with Joshua six months after their chance meeting on an aeroplane in 2018 – there haven’t been any unpleasant surprises she has discovered about her new hubby since they married.

Though she says her robotics engineer husband might not be feeling the same way…

“The other day, Josh asked me to get a towel out of the dryer and I grabbed it and shouted, ‘They’re sopping wet.’ Then he told me that was actually the washing machine,” she confesses with a laugh.

Sophie Monk and husband Joshua Gross
Sophie and Josh were married in March. (Credit: Instagram)

Sophie, who was discovered in the noughties on TV’s Popstars, might just be the ultimate Aussie beauty. So she knows a thing or two about opposites attracting since she fell in love with a “total geek”.

“Joshua is really into Xbox and F1 and has the chair with the steering wheel and a massive giant LEGO display at home,” she says. “But I’m a geek now too. Joshua brought out the geek in me!”

Her own love story has made Sophie even more determined to get back on the set for her second season of hosting and playing matchmaker on Beauty and the Geek.

Sophie Monk is a Star Wars fan
“I’m a geek now too” Sophie happily embraces her nerdy side. (Credit: New Idea)

After all, she knows better than anyone that they really can make the perfect match.

“We want people to find love but don’t put too much pressure on them … Becoming best friends is a beautiful thing too,” Sophie says.

“But this season, there is a lot of romance. The chemistry is there and sparks were really flying right from the start,” she adds proudly.

From her Hollywood role starring alongside Adam Sandler in 2006 hit film Click to her double-platinum album with Bardot, Sophie says that hosting Beauty and the Geek is the career achievement she feels the most satisfied with.

Sophie Monk
Sophie might be might just be the ultimate Aussie beauty. (Credit: Instagram)

“To watch the beauties and the geeks come together, open themselves up, be vulnerable and go through such an incredible transformation, it’s really moving,” she says.

“I often get a tear in my eye while filming and I’m very proud to be involved.”

It is shaping up to be a busy year for Sophie, who will also be back on screens in a few months as the host of Season 4 of Love Island Australia.

“It’s being shot in Spain, so it will be a pretty tough job this year,” she jokes.

Sophie Monk on Beauty and the Geek
“I often get a tear in my eye while filming and I’m very proud to be involved.” (Credit: Nine Network)

While enjoying the sun-drenched islands, Sophie is hoping that she and Joshua can finally have their honeymoon.

“We are looking around Spain and a few other places in Europe. I’ll decide last minute, because that’s just how I roll,” she explains with a giggle.

Then, her thoughts are turning closer to home, with Sophie revealing she and Joshua are keen to start a family.

“We both want kids,” she says. “We’re working on it!”

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