SAS Australia 2023 winner LEAKED

Fans are convinced they know who will pass final selection.
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There’s no doubt that SAS Australia is one of, if not the toughest reality television show out there. 

The rigorous selection process pushes its famous faces turned recruits to their limits both physically and mentally, with many voluntarily, medically, or being forced to withdraw by the instructors. 

In short, it’s an extremely impressive feat to make it to the end!

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Speaking of passing final selection, fans are certain they know who will make it to the end and successfully pass final selection under the watchful eyes of Directing Staff Ant Middleton, Ollie Ollerton, and newbies for 2023 Jamie “Jay” Morton, and Anthony “Staz” Stazicker. 

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This year everyone from athletes to actors, reality favourites to real-life heroes decided to brave the course and prove to themselves and Australia they have what it takes to join the SAS hall of fame. 

Tim is the fan favourite to win. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Heading to Sportsbet, viewers have placed their bets on a few key celebs to be passed by the instructors. 

As it stands, former Bachelor Tim Robards, Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham, and former professional athlete Abbey Holmes hold the top three spots on the betting site. 

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Currently, Tim has odds of $1.17, Matthew has odds of $1.20 and Abbey has odds of $1.28. Dr. Craig Challen trails behind in fourth (and final) place with odds to pass the course currently at $5.50. 

In a major hint that Tim indeed passed final selection, he was the only 2023 recruit to make an appearance at Channel Seven’s 2023 UPFRONTS event on October 18th. 

Matthew and Abbey are also predicted to make it to the very end. (Credit: Channel Seven)

So far, in the history of SAS Australia, only seven celebrities have passed the course. 

In season one, former rugby player and Bachelor star Nick Cummins (also known as “The Honeybadger”), AFLW player Sabrina Frederick, and comedian Merrick Watts all passed the selection. 

The following year, former rugby league player Sam Burgess was the sole celebrity to pass. 

Then in 2022, it was rugby league players Millie Boyle and Darius Boyd, and broadcaster Riana Crehan who joined the SAS hall of fame. 

Only time will tell which recruits will make it to the end in 2023!

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