Samantha Armytage hits back at nasty ‘lies’ about her appearance on The Chase

The popular host reveals what really happened

Samantha Armytage has set the record straight after a radio station publicised a silly rumour about her supposedly acting up on the celebrity edition of hit game show The Chase Australia.

The popular star took to Twitter to call out Triple M host Lawrence Mooney for promoting the lurid story that she had allegedly acted up on set after not doing as well in the quiz as she had wished – calling the claims out as a stunt to ‘create viral content’.

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‘What complete rubbish,’ Sam tweeted. ‘And how irresponsible & mean to repeat such BS.

‘No such thing happened. I got out in the first round (& couldn’t wait to get off the bloody set!)

‘I sat in the green room (eating peanuts) til my colleagues finished, then I went out & rejoined them for the end of the show.

‘You’re being salacious & silly & looking for viral hits (which I’ll no doubt unfortunately give you).’

Sam was particularly annoyed that the nasty claims have overshadowed her actual intentions in doing the show, which were to raise money for a worthy cause.

‘The show was for charity & @SoldierOnAust was v happy with my performance (& for having a go!)

‘So cease & desist with the BS.’

The station had repeated the sensationalistic allegations, allegedly from an audience member at the taping, who supposedly claimed the star ‘spat the dummy’ after giving a number of incorrect answers.

The Chase star Issa ‘Supernerd’ Shultz noted on the same radio show that he had not seen Sam supposedly ‘spitting the dummy’ as Mooney claimed, although he did feel she was probably disappointed by her performance, adding Sam was perhaps ‘overwhelmed on the day, who knows.’ 

Lawrence Mooney has yet to respond to Sam, despite her adding his Twitter handle to her message.

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