Robert Irwin threatens to drop the F-Bomb on Drag Race Down Under

“Good luck and don’t…”
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Drag queens are known for their spicy language, so RuPaul’s famous catchphrase “good luck and don’t f**k it up” isn’t a shocker. 

But what is a surprise, is hearing it from the classically wholesome Irwin siblings.

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The delightful pair popped up on the premier episode of Drag Race Down Under season two to give some words of encouragement before contestants took on a wildly hard bush inspired design challenge. 

Robert was tasked with ending their speech with the famous catch phrase and for a moment we all thought he would go through with it. But, sticking to his wholesome guns the boy pulled back before then.

“Good luck and don’t… nah I can’t say it!” Robert said. 

Robert and Bindi Irwin on Drag Race
“Good luck and don’t…” Robert refused to finish Ru’s catchphrase (Credit: Stan)

While Robert couldn’t finish the line, it didn’t stop his sister embodying a drag queen and throwing full shade at last year’s contestant Art Simone. 

During last season’s Snatch Game, a challenge where queens do celebrity impressions, Art decided to take on the lovable Bindi Irwin.

“Art Simone’s impression of me last season was truly… inspirational” Bindi drawled with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Of course, it’s all in good fun and Art herself was pretty stoked with the shout out.

“BEST CAMEO EVER!! This will always and forever be a Bindi Irwin stan account!” Art wrote on Instagram.

Bindi Irwin and Art Simone on Drag Race
Art Simone impersonated Bindi on DRDU season one (Credit: Getty/Stan)

The Irwins are just one of many celebrity appearances revealed for this season. Xena Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless, will be joining Ru, Michelle Visage and Rhys Nicolson as part of the judging panel.

Season two kicked off with a design challenge that had contestants using natural elements, such as leaves, and recycled materials. 

Newcastle queen Molly Poppins won the challenge with a fairy inspired outfit while Sydney’s Faux Fur was sent home. 

It’s unusual for Ru to send a queen home on the very first ep, so here’s hoping Faux will reappear later this season. 

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