‘You want to die?’: Rex Hunt SHOCKS onlookers in road rage incident

The former AFL star allegedly threatened another driver with a gardening tool.
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Former AFL star and media personality Rex Hunt has shocked onlookers after he allegedly threatened another driver with a gardening tool in a road rage incident.

WATCH: Rex Hunt involved in road rage altercation

In footage captured on dashcam and aired on 9News, Hunt and another man can be seen arguing following the incident that took place in Beaumaris in Melbourne at about 10 am on Tuesday.

Hunt was seen retrieving a garden tool from his car. (Credit: Nine)

The driver of the second vehicle then seemed to throw a punch at Hunt.

“Can you just walk away? Just walk away,” the driver behind the pair was then heard saying.

Hunt then returned with what looked to be a gardening tool, approaching the other vehicle and telling the other driver, “You wanna die?” 

“Rex, just leave him,” one person is then heard saying.

The other driver was seen throwing a punch at the former AFL star. (Credit: Nine)

According to onlookers, Hunt’s wife, Lynne, was also in the car during the time of the incident.

“His wife was there, and his dog was at the back, and he was just threatening the guy,” witness Byron Hughes told Nine News.

“I told my mate just back off, go away. His wife’s just trying to tell him to go back in the car.

“Losing his s**t.”

Rex Hunt allegedly threatened the man in the other vehicle. (Credit: Nine)

The other driver reportedly then chased Hunt “in an aggressive manner” and was seen “throwing punches at trees”.

It’s not the first time the 76-year-old has been involved in a public road rage altercation. 

Back in 2009, Hunt was ordered to work as a kitchen hand for the underprivileged after he broke a cyclist’s finger in an argument on North Road in Elwood.

A judge later found Hunt guilty of recklessly causing injury.

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