Michael Bublé’s Australian tour has been postponed and fans are not happy

“You miserable bastard.”
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Michael Bublé’s Australian tour, which consists of nine stadium shows around the country, was supposed to start in just three weeks but the Sway singer has just postponed it to June 2023.

Taking to Instagram, Michael wrote, “This is a message to my friends, fans and family in Australia – Despite our best efforts, my team and I have come to realise that global logistical issues have made it impossible for us to deliver the show that I feel Australians deserve.”

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“Although it’s incredibly disappointing for all of us, I wanted to be transparent with you and hope you can understand what a difficult decision this was to make,” he continued.

“I appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you this coming June. Love, Michael.”

Fans immediately commented on Michael’s post and while some were understanding, many were outraged and demanded a better reason as to why the tour was postponed so close to its start date.

michael buble australian tour dates
Michael has postponed his Australian tour until June 2023; the new dates for each show are pictured above. (Credit: Twitter)

One Instagram user wrote, “I think that the ‘global logistic issues’ needs to be better explained to his fans. Seems like a weird reason,” while another commented, “Logistics? Couldn’t have had this figured out months ago when tickets went on sale? I call BS.”

Similarly on Twitter, where Michael’s official account posted, “Michael’s upcoming tour in Australia has been rescheduled to June 2023 due to logistical issues. Original tickets remain valid for the new dates. Refunds may be requested by 8 Dec 2022,” fans were outraged in the comments.

One Twitter user wrote, “You miserable bastard. We were booked to see you, travelling a long distance, booked our travel and accommodation and now we are screwed. We are out thousands of Non refundable Dollars. Thanks a heap. It was a special 60th B’day present for my wife. Now that’s stuffed.”

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“What a joke! You don’t deserve fans,” another wrote.

One user even Tweeted, “Logistical issues? WTAF? How about treating people who spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on tickets with some respect and explaining why in real words rather than weasel words like ‘logistical issues’.”

For full details on when and where Michael’s tour will now take place in Australia next year, and how to get refunds if you can no longer make the new dates, visit Michael’s official website here.

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