MAFS’ Patrick Dwyer reveals dramatic body transformation

And he's taken a cheeky dig at his former co-star.
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Married At First Sight’s Patrick Dywer has shared a look at his impressive fitness journey, as he looks almost unrecognisable in before and after photos.

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Taking to Instagram, the ex-MAFS groom shared two side-by-side images of him at the gym, as he shows off his fitness progress.

“Transformation Tuesday!” Patrick captioned the post.

“Yes this post is a little cocky, but it’s amazing how much you can change your body with a little bit of hard work and consistency,” he wrote.

mafs patrick dwyer fitness
“Transformation Tuesday!” (Credit: Instagram)

He added that whether you change your body by either losing weight or by building muscle, everyone starts somewhere.

“And remember, if you don’t eat your vegetables, you won’t win money at the poker table,” he said, before adding that the photo was taken before lockdown when he was doing powerlifting.

To sign off his post, Patrick couldn’t help but take a cheeky dig at his former co-star and fellow groom, Jake Edwards.

“Also, hopefully this shows that I am much stronger than Jake.”

mafs patrick jake
Patrick took a cheeky swipe at his former co-star Jake. (Credit: Instagram)

And not one to pass up a challenge, Jake took to the comments to hit back with: “I didn’t know goal umpires did deadlifts.”

The two went back and forth, with Patrick replying: “Thanks for carrying my water bottle around for me at the gym.”

Which prompted Jake to answer with: “The water bottle was heavier than those weights.”

mafs patrick belinda
Patrick recently revealed a new dental makeover. (Credit: Nine)

Patrick’s fitness transformation comes after he recently debuted his dental makeover, where he invested in a porcelain set of veneers after his stint on the reality TV show.

“Not going to lie, after seeing my teeth on MAFS I realised how bad they were and started to get self conscious about my smile,” Patrick revealed on Instagram.

“I did get a lot of negative comments about my teeth but it was when I personally started to dislike them that it started to bother me.”

mafs patrick belinda teeth
He’s not the only one with a new smile! (Credit: Instagram)

Having gone through a similar experience with “online bullying”, Jake also announced that he will be going through the same dental procedure.

“Over the past four months my teeth seemed to have become a topic of conversation,” Jake penned on Instagram.

“Even on my “wedding day” I copped a lot of grief. Yes they’re cracked, chipped, tiny… you don’t need to tell me, I know,” he said.

And while initially he wasn’t going to go through with changing his teeth, Jake said he asked celebrity dentist Dr Dee that if he were to get veneers, if they could do a giveaway so two others could do the same.

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