Lisa Curry’s emotional breakdown over daughter Jaimi Kenny’s death

"It's been really, really hard."
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Lisa Curry broke down in tears over the loss of her daughter Jaimi Kenny in an emotional interview on The Morning Show, where she confessed how “very difficult” it’s been.

WATCH BELOW: Lisa Curry breaks down live on The Morning Show

Jaimi, the eldest daughter of Lisa and ex-husband Grant Kenny, tragically died on September 14, 2020, following a private battle with a long-term illness.

Her passing rocked Australia, especially her mum Lisa, who was overwhelmed by grief during a live interview on The Morning Show on Wednesday.

When asked about the toll the past 15 months have taken on her health since losing her daughter, Lisa effectively broke down in tears during the program.

lisa curry the morning show breakdown
Lisa was overcome by grief when speaking about her late daughter Jaimi. (Credit: Seven)

“The reason why I haven’t said anything is because I can’t, because this happens,” Lisa confessed as she wiped away tears.

She was supported by her husband Mark Tabone who briefly appeared on-screen to comfort Lisa as she attempted to speak through her grief.

“It’s been really, really hard and people have been really supportive. I think what I’ve learnt most is that every second person walking along the street is going through the same thing,” she said.

“It’s really important to be empathetic of people and be kind to people and know that people walking around feeling like this all the time, but people don’t know about it.”

lisa curry jaimi kenny
Jaimi (right) died last year in September from a long-term illness. (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa also revealed that it’s “very, very difficult”, before adding that the love and support of her family, especially her two grandchildren, has kept her strong.

“The little boys Flynn and Taj, they keep me occupied, I was babysitting them last night, so that was really nice,” she said.

“Morgan’s pregnant again, which is beautiful, and Jett’s really good, he’s doing lots of great things,” she revealed of her daughter and son.

Lisa also admitted that Jaimi’s dad Grant is “good except, you know, he’s struggling a lot as well.”

lisa curry jett kenny morgan
“The little boys Flynn and Taj, they keep me occupied.” (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa will be opening up further on the tragic death of her eldest daughter in her new memoir, which will also detail her swimming career.

The book will be called Lisa: 60 Years of Life, Love & Loss and will be released in May next year.

“I have lived a pretty big life, with a lot of love, and some very heavy losses. This book is both my story and my survival guide for others,” Lisa said in a statement.

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