Kate Ritchie shares hilarious Home & Away throwback with Isla Fisher

"Not particularly professional."
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Their days at Summer Bay may be long gone, but it’s clear Kate Ritchie and Isla Fisher have nothing but fond memories of their time on Home & Away.

WATCH: Kate Ritchie and Isla Fisher can’t keep it together during Home & Away blooper

Kate Ritchie, who played Sally Fletcher on the popular soap, has taken to Instagram to share a hilarious throwback from an on-set moment with Isla, who portrayed Shannon Reed.

“Not particularly professional but I’m going to blame 12 hours in the studio, youth and most definitely Daniel Amalm for this one,” Kate wrote. “Reposting because it made me laugh this week and reminded me of the #goodolddays 🎬🎥.”

In the shared video, a young Kate and Isla (as Sally and Shannon) could not hold in their giggles as they learned the very serious news that the character Michael “got washed downstream”. 

Kate and Isla used to star alongside each other on Home & Away. (Credit: Getty)

Attempting to suppress their laughter, eventually, the two young actors broke and exploded into a fit of giggles.

The video captured the attention of Isla herself, who took to the comments to reminisce about the moment in question.

“Hahahhahahaha. I was trying not to laugh so so hard!” the actress wrote.

Kate portrayed Sally Fletcher on the soap. (Credit: Seven)

The throwback also struck a few chords with many famous faces, including fellow Home & Away alum, Dannii Minogue.

“I wish I had footage like this from my filming days. There was a lot of laughter!” the Masked Singer judge wrote.

The Project host Lisa Wilkinson also took the time to comment, penning: “How adorable are you two?!! ❤️❤️❤️.” 

Kate Ritchie is a proud mother to Mae. (Credit: Instagram)

These days, Kate isn’t engrossed in the Summer Bay drama, and is instead appearing on NOVA’s Kate, Tim and Joel show, as well as being a proud mother to her daughter, Mae.

Three years ago, Kate penned an open letter about just how much motherhood changed her perspective on life.

“I thought the love of my life was Home and Away… Then I met this perfect being,” Kate wrote.

“It’s been a long road but I am so proud and so happy that I gave myself the chance to realise my greatest achievements didn’t all have to be thanks to Sally Fletcher.”

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