Kate Ritchie’s candid confession after parenting setback

'We will get there.'
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Take one look at Kate Ritchie’s Instagram and you will see just how proud she is of her daughter, Mae.

And, as well as sharing sweet mum moments with her followers, the actress doesn’t shy away from documenting the harder aspects of parenting.

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Kate, 42, took to her Instagram on Wednesday to get candid about a very relatable parenting moment.

Sharing a photo of Mae’s head buried in her jacket as Kate peppered her with kisses, the former Home & Away star wrote, “This reaction is to do with learning to ride her bike.. Not Mumma’s kisses.. Promise #wewillgetthere #trialsandtribulationsofbeingsix”.

You’ve got this, Mae! (Credit: Instagram)

Fans were quick to offer their support and advice in the comments below.

“Once she gets it, the joy in her face is worth all the tears 😭,” one user penned.

“Ahhh holidays are all about bike riding and scraped knees. Just buy her an ice block and you’ll be the top favourite 🤗,” another added.

“My almost six year old girl mastered it this lockdown. Good time to get it happening 👏,” a third suggested.

“I think there’s a certain something that’s charming about bike riding later in life. And by later, I mean more Notebook phase. Love your Mae glimpses. She’s perfect,” a fourth wrote.

Kate has confessed how much motherhood has changed her for the better. (Credit: Getty)

Kate welcomed Mae into the world in 2014 with her then-husband Stuart Webb.

Not long after giving birth, the actress told The Australian Women’s Weekly that she loved motherhood so much that she feared it would monopolise her time. 

“My only fear is that I will become a complete hermit and never leave the house because I adore being with her. I want to spend every minute with her and talk to her,” Kate told the publication.

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Three years ago, Kate penned an open letter about just how much motherhood changed her perspective on life.

“I thought the love of my life was Home and Away… Then I met this perfect being,” Kate wrote.

“It’s been a long road but I am so proud and so happy that I gave myself the chance to realise my greatest achievements didn’t all have to be thanks to Sally Fletcher.”

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