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Life after The Bachelor: Inside Snezana and Sam Wood’s lowkey family life

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In 2015, the beloved couple Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski won The Bachelor… and our hearts.

Eight quick years later, the couple have one of The Bachelor’s best, and longest lasting romances. 

Currently, the pair are married with four children and live in Melbourne.

So how did this all happen?

WATCH NOW: Sam Wood gushes over Snezana and his new born daughter. Article continues after video.

Eve, was nine-years-old when her mum, Snez, met and fell in love with Sam on The Bachelor.

When Sam chose Snez in the romantic last episode, he was more than happy to welcome Eve as well. The two of them relocated from Perth to Melbourne to live with him.

Since then, the couple had a beautiful Byron Bay wedding and have also welcomed three adorable children to their family. 

A beautiful family photo with Santa. (Credit: Instagram)

Snezana recently shared this adorable photo of the whole family together… with Santa!

The most magical time of year has arrived @chadstone_fashion I love how our girls faces light up as the centre truly glitters with festive cheer,” she wrote.

“It’s hard for mum and dad not to get caught up in it too, especially when Santa’s ‘drifting sideways’ in the slay! 🤣😂😎”

A picture from the special day. (Credit: Instagram)

In 2017, Willow Wendy Wood became Australia’s first Bachie baby.

When the pair got married in 2018, both Eve and Willow were there.

In 2019, Snez gave birth to the beautiful Charlie Lane.

Then, in May 2022, Sam and Snez welcomed the sixth member to their family with the birth of Harper Jones Wood.

An Instagram picture from September 2023 of Sam and two of his girls. (Credit: Instagram)

With four girls in the house, we can imagine how chaotic things must get.

“I’ve just got this house full of girls, nothing is gonna change. It’s just me and the dog representing the boys. But you know what? It’s such a nice place to come home,” Sam told Now To Love in 2019. 

The couple have also said to have very different parenting styles with Sam being far more strict than Snez.

In an interview with Nine Honey in 2023, Sam said, ”I’m much harder. I think they need discipline… and structure and boundaries.”

A picture of Snez and Harper at the beach in September 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

The six of them are a very close knit family, but even before Sam and Snez welcomed their three babies to the world and it was just the three of them, they managed to make things worth perfectly. 

“The one big difference for us was Eve,” Sam told WHO in 2019. 

“[The relationship] needed to be real… We needed to make sure because the stakes were so high. We were, and it turned out to be the best thing we ever did.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Eve is now 18 and has recently graduated school and attended her school formal. 

On 26 May 2023, Snez posted a heartfelt message for Eve’s 18th birthday.

Happy 18 Birthday ♥️🍾 So this little one turned 18 this week!🤯🤷🏽‍♀️ We love you @eve.vict and are so proud of the woman you’re becoming. From a young age you’ve taken on moving states, schools leaving family and friends behind in WA to start a new chapter of your life here in Melbourne.

“Even though it hasn’t always been easy you have bounced back time and time again and risen to the occasion and faced challenges and obstacles (with great stubbornness and resistance at times🤨😂) and waded through in order to get to your goals whether it’s cleaning your room so you’re allowed out that night or working towards getting to NYC to study fashion business and marketing.

“So proud of you, keep going and never give up on your dreams Monkey. You are not only our eldest daughter but also one of my best friends. Love you xx Ps being 18 doesn’t mean you don’t have a curfew anymore 🤨😜😘,” Snez said. 

The six of them are an absolutely stunning family and we love seeing them post about their lives together!

Charlie’s 4th birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

This adorable family photo was shared to Instagram by Snez in July 2023 for Charlie’s birthday.

The family look as happy as ever!

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