Lynne McGranger celebrates 37 years with Paul McWaters

Their love story is right out of a soap opera.
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She’s graced our screens for nearly three decades on Home and Away, and Lynne McGranger has been in a loving relationship with partner Paul McWaters throughout that entire time.

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The actress is the longest-serving female cast member on the popular Aussie soap, and is also the leading lady in Paul’s life, with the pair having been together for over 30 years – 37 to be exact.

The couple celebrated their anniversary over the weekend on December 4, with Lynne taking a moment to share a few sweet words of her beau.

“37 years?!?!!! How the heck did that happen. Love you, you wild and crazy guy,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a sweet photo of the two together.

lynne mcgranger husband
Lynne and Paul have been together for 37 years. (Credit: Instagram)

While their romance has been kept relatively low-key, Lynne revealed to New Idea back in 2014 the sweet – and albeit hilarious – way the two met.

“I invited him round to my place in 1984 [after having dinner together] and he never went home. Still hasn’t,” Lynne quipped during their first-ever joint interview.

The couple have been together ever since, and despite all the milestone years under their belts, they’re in no rush to get married.

“I’m still waiting [for him to propose],” Lynne said.

“We always joke and say we’ll do it when we want some white goods, and I’m here to tell you now, we need a new washing machine!”

lynne mcgranger family
The pair share a daughter together (middle left). (Credit: Instagram)

The couple share a 30-year-old daughter together, Clancy McWaters, and Lynne has previously credited Paul for lending a helping hand when it came to balancing motherhood with her career.

“Aside from being a wonderful man, if it wasn’t for him I’d never have been able to do what I’ve done on Home and Away,” Lynne told Woman’s Day in 2019.

“He took over as a house husband and primary carer of Clancy,” she said.

“He’s amazing. We still enjoy each other’s company and still make each other laugh.”

lynne mcgranger paul mcwaters
“If it wasn’t for him I’d never have been able to do what I’ve done on Home and Away.” (Credit: Instagram)

The sweet pair bond over their love of sports, and often head out to the AFL to cheer on their beloved Sydney Swans.

Something they don’t have in common, however, is Paul’s love for tech, where Lynne described her long-term partner as “kind of a computer geek”.

“Which isn’t my cup of tea but he loves it,” she said.

And, while the pair aren’t married, Lynne hasn’t ruled it out.

“If we do get married it will probably be a barbecue in the backyard,” she said.

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