How Julie Bishop got revenge on ex David Panton after she was ‘blindsided’

David Panton was faced with an awkward situation at Virgin's VIP lounge thanks to the former foreign minister.
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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the old adage certainly rings true when it comes to Julie Bishop and her ex-boyfriend, David Panton.

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The former foreign minister was ‘blindsided’ after Panton suddenly called time on their eight-year relationship earlier this year, and was subsequently bombarded by uncomfortable questions from the media in relation to her split with the property developer.

But it looks like Julie has had the last laugh when it comes to the war between the former lovers after David faced an awkward situation earlier this week at Virgin’s ultra-VIP lounge when he discovered that the 66-year-old had revoked his access. 

David called time on his relationship with Julie after eight years. (Credit: Getty)

Despite the embarrassment of being denied from the prestigious lounge, the 60-year-old brushed it off, telling the Financial Review “It was no trouble at all.”

“I was more than happy to be downgraded to the (regular) club,” he added.

After Julie herself was asked about the awkward incident involving her ex, she coyly remarked, “Wait until he finds out about the Chairman’s Lounge”.

Realising his name would also likely already be removed from the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge, Panton commented, “I could always try my luck with my Qantas Chairman’s Lounge membership … but probably won’t. I’ll just be happy in the Qantas Club again.”

David and Julie in happier times. (Credit: Getty)

The hostility between the pair began after David announced his split with the former Liberal leader back in July, where he released a statement that read: “I’m going to be focused on living in Manly and Melbourne for the foreseeable future.

“I wish Julie all the best in her ongoing stellar career.”

Bishop did not respond to the statement at the time.

Julie and David are believed to have begun dating around 2014 when they were first seen in public together.

Following the breakup, as exclusively reported by New Idea, sources have claimed that David, a Manly local, is now “in a relationship with a woman from the northern beaches”.

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