John Farnham is ‘unlikely’ to ever perform again after cancer surgery

The singer had part of his jaw removed as part of the life-saving surgery.
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Beloved Aussie singer John Farnham is currently stable after undergoing a marathon 12-hour surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumour located in his mouth.

The surgery, which was carried out by 26 medical staff, also saw a major part of the 72-year-old’s jaw removed, leading to doubt that Farnham would ever perform again.

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Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford revealed there had been uncertainty as to whether Farnham would return to the stage even before his cancer diagnosis, explaining that it was even less likely now that he had undergone surgery.

“Certainly now you have to say there’s even a lesser chance (of him performing),” Ford told 6PR on Wednesday.

He went on to say that there had been “two parts” to the complicated surgery.

“The first was the removal of the tumour, the second was a reconstructive surgery because John has had part of his jaw removed,” Ford explained, adding that the singer had previously been a major smoker before quitting at the behest of his children. 

The singer’s family revealed his surgery was “successful”. (Credit: Getty)

Ford added that Farnham was “fully lucid, he is conscious, he is in ICU, he will be there for a long time to come”.

“But as we’ve heard all along from the statement from the family again, and the statement that came out earlier this morning, they have twice used the word ‘successful’, so that gives reason for optimism and hope,” Ford continued.

Farnham’s wife, Jill, released a statement Wednesday morning regarding her husband’s recovery while also thanking the public for their support.

“We are genuinely overwhelmed by the incredible wave of support, love and messages we have received today from so many people around Australia. This means so much to us as a family. Thank you to everyone for this. John will be blown away,” she said.

“We are in awe of the incredible teams of health care professionals who have guided us through this very challenging time with such compassion. All of you undertook this big job today and have given us a magnificent outcome. To all the surgeons, doctors, nurses and consultants — thank you one and all so very much.”

John was close with the late Olivia Newton-John. (Credit: Getty)

News of John’s successful surgery comes after his family announced the news of his illness on Tuesday.

“Cancer diagnosis is something that so many people face every single day, and countless others have walked this path before me,” John explained in the statement.

“The one thing I know for sure is that we have the very best specialist healthcare professionals in Victoria, and we can all be grateful for that. I know I am.”

The legendary singer is one of Australia’s most successful performers, known best for his 1986 single You’re the Voice

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John was close friends with Olivia Newton-John, who passed away earlier this month after a 30-year battle with breast cancer. 

The two singers frequently collaborated together, releasing an album in 2015 and performing together at a bushfire relief fundraising concert in 2020. 

John Farnham and his family paid tribute to Olivia when news broke of her death, writing, “the Farnham family send love and sympathies to Olivia’s family”.

“Behind that iconic smile was a tenacious fighter. A beautiful voice and a loyal friend. She will be greatly missed.”

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