Gogglebox’s Adam and Symon: The truth about our love lives

The lovable larrikins open up!
Channel 10

When the cameras started rolling on these lovable larrikins, they were still students. But fast-forward to the present and a lot has changed for Symon Lovett and Adam Densten. 

‘When we started in season one, I was living at home, we were both starting our final year of university and Adam was a single man,’ Symon, 30, recalls. ‘Since that time, we’ve both graduated, gotten full-time jobs, both moved house (a couple of times), gotten new housemates, gotten new girlfriends.’ 

While a lot has happened over the past three years, Adam, 26, insists that not everything has changed for the mates.

‘[We] are slightly less poor, but still definitely resorting to cheese on toast for regular dinners,’ he spills.

Now Adam is also off the market, the boys often leave their girlfriends for the TV. 

‘I’m very much taken by a girl who loves AFL like me, but put ups with the frequent visits to Symon’s house for TV watching,’ he reveals. 

As for their looks changing – there’s not that much that’s different! 

‘Symon still has exactly the same haircut,’ Adam laughs.

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