The telling sign that Farmer Neil and Justine are OVER!

The last-standing couple from Farmer look to be kaput.
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Farmer Wants A Wife promised to bring “real-love” back to our screens this year with its reality TV revival but it looks as though the last success story from the show, Justine & Neil, may have called it quits.

Speculation over the split, which has been simmering for months, came under the spotlight thanks to a recent interview with the show’s host, Natalie Gruzlewski.

WATCH: Farmer Wants A Wife stars slam host Natalie after relationship update

Natalie appeared on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show recently where she updated viewers on which stars were still together.

“I am still in touch with a few of the couples and I’m very happy to report that one of the main love stories for the series, Neil and Justine are still together, which is absolutely amazing,” Natalie said.

While Natalie confirmed the love story for Justine and Neil was still on going, an Instagram post from the reality star herself suggests otherwise.

justine and neil
Is it over? Farmer Neil and Justine were the last couple standing from the 2020 season. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Taking to Instagram Stories Justine slammed the interview, stating Natalie’s claim was “fake news”, all but confirming she’s now split from Farmer Neil.

Justine shared the news story and clip to her Instagram story captioning: “@nataliegruzlewski we aren’t in touch and you’re lying”.

In another interesting twist, Neil and Justine are no longer following each other on Instagram either.

justine and neil instagram
The couple no longer follow one another’s profiles. (Credit: Instagram)

Fellow contestant Liz Jelléy went on to re-share Justine’s post with her own call-out: “More bulls—t from Channel 7.”

Then adding: “Give it a rest. The show failed. Fake news.”

To which Farmer Sam added: “Totally agree.”

natalie fwaw
Well, love is dead. (Credit: Instagram)

Justine and Neil have been noticeably absent from one another’s social media profiles since September.

A month later, in October, Justine shared a snap kissing fellow star Madison, writing to curious fans: “UPDATE: For those of you asking if Neil and I are still together, I’ve found true love with @madisonmackenziexo. 💖”

Now To Love has reached out to Channel Seven and Justine for comment.

None of our farmers found love this season. (Credit: Channel Seven)

This isn’t the first time the Farmer Wants A Wife stars have spoken out against the show.

Liz Jelléy compared the production to notoriously scandalous reality dating show Married At First Sight before claiming it was “staged and manipulated”.

Fans of the show had expressed their concerns and comparisons to the controversial dating series during the season, a sentiment Liz also shared.

“Most of the producers were off MAFS,” she revealed in an interview with Kidspot. “I signed up for the old Farmer Wants A Wife – I didn’t sign up for this bullsh*t that I got.”

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