It’s OVER! Farmer Wants a Wife’s Alex and Henrietta split

The twists keep coming in the Farmer Alex love saga!
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It was the decision that shocked Australia… well, if by Australia, you mean the portion of those heavily invested in the outcome of Farmer Wants A Wife’s colourful cast mates.

Yes, when Alex Taylor shocked fans by dumping crowd favourite Jess Wolfe and going back to runner-up Henrietta Moore in the show’s tantalising finale, you could safely say jaws across the nation dropped.

WATCH: Alex picks Henrietta in the Farmer Wants a Wife finale

But it quickly seemed as though the pair were the real deal, with both confirming soon after that they were very much still together and happy.

In the days after the shock finale went to air, Alex shared a cute snap with Henrietta as they enjoyed a day on his farm in Cunnamulla, Queensland.

“I think everyone got quite a unexpected surprise at the reunion tonight! 🎉 @henriettalily_ Thank you for being there beside me on the couch tonight and challenging me through this entire experience you made every moment truly unforgettable,” he wrote at the time.

Farmer Wants a Wife Alex and Henrietta
Sparks flew between Alex Taylor and Henrietta Moore on Farmer Wants a Wife but they have officially called it quits on their romance. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Honestly, it was enough for us. While we were still a tad shocked at how easily he’d dumped Jess, we couldn’t help but feel happy for this new blossoming couple.

But now, it looks like the fairytale is over.

Alex confirmed his split with Henrietta on his Instagram earlier in October, telling a questioning follower on his Instagram account: “To put you at ease Henrietta and I not together anymore but we remain friends. Sorry for the late reply just had a bit on.”

The follower who had first asked the question wrote back to apologise for hassling him, but ever the calm collected cat, Alex simply replied: “We cool 😎.”

Henrietta herself hasn’t publicly commented on the split, however she’s continued sharing updates to her own Instagram account with her friends  and appears to be avoiding answering fan’s questions about where Alex is.

Farmer Alex and Henrietta
No fairytale ending for these two! (Credit: Channel Seven)

On Monday, she shared a selfie with a close friend, writing: “Never a dull moment with this ballerina.”

And it certainly looks as though there’s no bad blood between the two.

Alex himself liked Henrietta’s post from Monday, which suggests the pair are on good terms.

Of course if anything, we can also safely take comfort in knowing that the pair did have some form of relationship, and not a showmance, as is so common in reality TV world.

Farmer Alex jess wolfe
Farmer Alex originally chose Jess Wolfe (pictured) before revealing in the show’s finale he had gone back to Henrietta. (Credit: Channel Seven)

In early September, Henrietta looked to be enjoying some time at Alex’s property, sharing a picture of herself and Alex alongside another local farmer and writing: “With my two favourite farmers this morning in rainy Currumbin.”

Of course, it’s a little disappointing to see the end for these two, but at least it looks as though they’re both moving on in a positive way – surrounded by friends and family.

And who knows, perhaps they’ll both find their happily ever after somewhere else that’s not in front of a prying camera.

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