Farmer Wants a Wife’s Henrietta: Is it one big act?

Question marks linger over Henrietta’s true intentions.
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Farmer Wants a Wife’s Henrietta has already been exposed as an actress in hiding – but is she that good a performer to fake her feelings for Farmer Alex?

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“I think Henrietta was so reassured of herself and very confident. And just came in saying all the right things and was so complimentary,” Alex, 29, tells New Idea.

“She’s lived overseas teaching, she’s never spent a lot of time in one place. She had a lot of freedom and never had anything to hold her down.”

Farmer Alex women
Is Farmer Wants A Wife’s Henrietta (pictured left with Farmer Alex and her love rivals) really looking for love? (Credit: Channel Seven)

The 31-year-old has an impressive acting résumé and even teaches performing, so is she hoping to land a gig in show business after Farmer Wants A Wife?

According to an old profile on flatmates.com.au, the Queenslander spent her 20s travelling the world acting and presenting on screen.

The bombshell brunette lists her occupation online as a film and television secondary teacher and even appears in a tourism video for the Philippines on YouTube.

Speaking about finding The One, Henrietta says she is sick of men who “look good on paper” but are actually dull in real-life.

Farmer Alex henrietta kiss
Farmer Alex and Henrietta locked lips in a steamy moment on the show last week. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Last week, Henrietta locked lips with Alex despite an initial awkward comment from the farmer when he confessed she “wasn’t his type”.

“It was great to have some alone time with Alex and have the chemistry from our first meeting confirmed,” Henrietta told TV WEEK.

“He also cleared up what he meant about me ‘not being his type’. That was incredibly sweet! If only all the other girls weren’t just around the corner.”

Henrietta Jess
Jess (right) wasn’t happy after finding out about Henrietta’s kiss with Farmer Alex. (Credit: Channel Seven)

But not everyone was pleased with the pair’s sizzling chemistry – least of all Henrietta’s love rival Jess.

“It made me realise I wasn’t the only one who could win his heart and that people are out there to cut your lunch,” Jess, 25, said after learning about the secret smooch.

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